For some, 2012 already holds high standards as people start off the new year by getting in shape.

Among those wanting to be healthier and lose the unwanted pounds is Kathy White of Waxahachie.

White decided to take the Body by Vi 90-day weight loss challenge during Labor Day weekend and will continue through the new year.

“I got serious about my weight loss decision when I found out I had a grandchild on the way,” White said. “I wanted to be around and active for my grandchild’s sake.”

That is when White said she began the Body by Vi 90-day challenge. The challenge involves drinking nutritional shakes in place of two meals a day.

“I found it to be a very inexpensive way to lose weight,” she said. “Most meals at fast food restaurants cost anywhere from five to six dollars. I spend on average two dollars a shake. And I feel better than I have in a while.”

White said in addition to drinking the shakes, she walks four to five times a week. In the process, she has lost a total of 27 pounds since Labor Day.

“I dropped five pounds in the first week before I ever started exercising,” White said. “Even someone who can’t or doesn’t exercise will still get the proper nutrients and lose weight.”

Even though her initial 90 days are over, White said she is going to continue the weight loss regiment.

“No matter where I am, whether on vacation or home, I always have a shake for breakfast because they are very high in nutritional value,” she said.

Jim Perry, news editor with the Waxahachie Daily Light, has also participated in the challenge and lost 25 pounds so far.

“You can’t help but see results,” Perry said. “And all the minerals and nutrients the shakes provide are very tasty and satisfying.”

ViSalus extended the challenge to encourage people to become healthier.

According to the ViSalus website, ViSalus co-founder and chief marketing officer Blake Mallen said they take their mission seriously.

“Being healthy is a right everyone should have,” Mallen said. “Lack of information, fear or financial limitations should never prevent someone from making their health a priority.”

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