Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation of Waxahachie’s three winners for the institutes first-ever Losing It contest attended an orientation and weigh-in Thursday, Dec. 29.

Sharon Colleps, DeAnn Lund and Alicia Jackson-Webb will participate in a 12-week comprehensive weight loss program to make their lifestyles healthier.

“This program is not a quick fix or a diet program,” Utahna Miller, group fitness manager for Baylor Institute said. “It is a very detailed, extensive way for someone to manage their weight. It is designed to help people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.”

Sharon Colleps

Colleps is hoping that the program will allow her to lose weight and fulfill her late father’s wish.

“I lost my dad about two years ago to heart problems and he always wanted to see me get healthy and avoid the kind of health problems he faced,” she said. “In the past I’ve tried numerous quick fix weight loss diets, but I’ve never tried something long term like this weight management program.”

Colleps hopes the program will allow her to change her lifestyle and become healthier, rather than just lose weight.

“I’m a teacher in Ennis and tend to eat junk food and not maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would love to see our whole campus eat healthy, and I want to be able to keep up with my pre-k students,” Colleps said.

DeAnn Lund

Lund was excited when she found out she was chosen for the program because she has been trying to lose weight through diets and meal plans for a long time.

“I’m hoping the program will teach how to change lifestyles and show me what I’ve been doing wrong,” Lund said. “I think the accountability with these ladies here will keep me on track.”

Her main goal is to be healthy and change her lifestyle for the better.

Alicia Jackson-Webb

Webb’s response to finding out she had been selected for the 12-week program was one of celebration.

“I was overjoyed, quite overjoyed,” Webb said and simply explained her reason. “I’m tired of being fat.”

Webb is hoping to learn how to eat right and get healthy, because she confessed that she doesn’t eat healthy and has a soft spot for sweets. Webb is also hoping that her weight loss will cause her lupus and fibromyalgia to go into remission.

“Being overweight is not good for my lupus or fibromyalgia, and if I lose enough weight they might both go away,” Webb said. “I also want to lose 100 pounds, but I’m not sure that I can lose that much in 12-weeks.”

Webb has tried several different weight loss diets, meal plans and diet pills with no success. Webb’s husband and sister were present at the orientation to lend support and hope to share Webb’s health education.

“I got to teach them how to do this thing. I come from a real big family, and I mean ‘big’ as in size,” Webb said laughing. “I’ve got a lot of support from my family to do this.”

Each of the three women were assessed through Baylor’s health screenings. The screenings include general fitness, body composition, basal metabolic rates and taking pulse and blood pressure levels. The 12-week program requires each of the women to attend weight management classes that will teach them how to live healthier lifestyles, attend personal training sessions, follow a meal plan set by dieticians and attend weekly meetings that cover a variety of weight loss issues and progress tracking.

Miller said that not everyone can afford to take part in weight loss programs and that is why Baylor wanted to offer the opportunity in a contest format.

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