Ralph Hall announces his candidacy for Ovilla City Council Place 2. 

He listed the following accomplishments while previously serving on the council:

•Ovilla has a 90-day reserve fund because I brought the need for a 90-day reserve (three months of operating revenue) before the council. Prior to me serving on the council the city did not maintain any amount of reserve fund, much less a 90-day reserve fund.

• Ovilla has a fiscally responsible budgeting system with mid-year revisions because I brought that before the city council for approval.

• Ovilla has a contract with the Ellis Tax assessor/collector to collect Ovilla taxes. This contract saves the city time, cost and improves cash flow because I brought it before the city council for approval.

“While serving on the council I realized that some city funds were not even on the books/accounting records of the city. In addition, city funds were being used for private purposes,” he said. “It is in violation of the Texas Constitution to use public funds for private purposes. I brought these issues before the city council and they were corrected.

“While serving on the council I realized the city did not have an investment policy or investment strategy,” he said. “I bought the issue before the council and a firm was hired to develop an investment policy and investment strategy for the city.

“We are in some very unusual economic times that I haven’t seen in my 63 years,” he said. “It will be important to have a fiscal conservative person on the council to lead Ovilla through the next several years. I am that person.

“I have worked in higher education for 38 years and for the last 26 years for the Collin County Community College District, which serves 51,000 students,” he said. “I currently serve as the vice president of administration and chief financial officer (since 1989).

“I will use my education, experience and integrity to serve the citizens of Ovilla as a conservative steward of your tax dollars,” Hall said.

“I want to represent Ovilla because I believe I can help Ovilla become an even greater place to live,” he said. “I don’t have a hidden agenda. I speak my mind. And I truly dislike being lied to and lied about. I expect that you feel the same way and I think that’s another good reason that I deserve your vote.”