Forget calling the police of fire department, someone needs to call city sanitation to clean up all the trash these guys are talking.

The Second Annual Guns & Hoses Football Game and Toy Drive is set for 2 p.m., Dec. 8, at the MISD Football Stadium with the Midlothian Police Department taking on the Midlothian Fire Department in the traditional flag football fundraiser that rounds up toys for needy children.

Admission to the game is an unwrapped children's toy.

"We've got the trophy," said MFD Assistant Fire Chief Dale McCaskill. "We've enjoyed having it for a year, we've enjoyed tell our brother's-in-blue we've had it for a year and we have a few secret plays to make sure we hold on to it for another year."

The Midlothian Fire Department won last year's game, 54-45.

McCaskill and Midlothian Policeman James Smith will be the quarterbacks for their respective squads.

"No, we don't have any secret plays," said Smith, with a slight smile. "We're police officers and we're just looking to play a nice, clean, legal game of gentlemanly football where everybody plays by the rules."

The community is urged to get there early because this game will be interesting.

"Yeah, some of the guys on both sides take this a little too seriously," said Wes McGuyer, President of the Midlothian Fire Fighter's Association. "But helping kids in our community is serious business.

"We gathered two trucks full of toys last year," McGuyer added. "We really brought a lot of joy to a lot of kids last Christmas."

Collection boxes will be outside the gate and fans are urged to just drop in a toy. Collection boxes have also been set up at both Dollar General and Family Dollar Store in Midlothian.

McGuyer said the Midlothian Fire Fighters Association has been doing this fundraiser for years. The toys are taken to Manna House who has a list of families needing Christmas help.

"And of course we always take cash donations," said McGuyer. "They are tax deductible and every penny goes to help children in Midlothian."

Midlothian Firefighter Scotty Smith said he got involved with the fundraiser when he joined the department.

"Last year we collected about 200 toys just at the game and ended up donating more than 1,000 toys," Smith said. "We take part in delivering a lot of these toys and I can't tell you what it does to a kids face when they see one of those toys."

Concession stand will be open at the game where fans can purchase softdrinks and snacks.

"We want to thank the Midlothian Athletic Department for helping us with this," said Smith. "They really do a lot to help us pull this thing off."

For more information about donating to the Guns & Hoses Football Fundraiser call the Midlothian Fire Department non-emergency phone number at (972) 775-7142.