Today is Grandparents Day, and the week of Sept. 10-14 begins a special celebration on Waxahachie ISD campuses as students invite their grandparents, great-grandparents, grandfriends and grandneighbors to join them at their campuses.

Grandfriends join students for lunch and then for a short time of reading and storytelling in the classroom. Guests participate at Marvin, Dunaway, Northside, Wedgeworth and Shackelford elementaries, Turner Middle School and Waxahachie Junior High.

“We are excited about grandfriends joining our children for lunch during this week as it is always a very special time for our students,” said Melissa Cobb, Partners in Education coordinator. “Last year 2,435 grandfriends joined WISD students from our own Waxahachie community, across the state and beyond.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage our studentsto pursue intergenerational relationships,” Cobb said.

“I thoroughly enjoy going to the schools during Grandfriends Week, Pat McClendon said. “I feel honored that a young friend would invite me to be a part of that day.

“I encourage all grandparents and grandfriends to participate,” she said. “It is special to these kids to see a familiar and loving face.”

For more information about Grandfriends Week, contact Melissa Cobb at (972) 923-4631, ext. 142.