After 10 years of service to the city of Midlothian, Dusty Fryer has tendered his resignation, to be effective immediately, as alderman, Place 1, on the Midlothian City Council.

“It is with considerable regret that I now inform you that I must resign from my position as Place 1 council member,” he said in a letter to his fellow council members. “My decision to resign is based solely on personal needs and for these reasons this resignation is effective immediately.”

Fryer, who was serving in his fourth term as city councilman, was first elected in 1998.

“I first left council service after completing my second term to take a breather from the world of local politics,” Fryer said. “That breather didn’t last long though, as I felt the calling to serve in 2005 and was honored once again with the support of Midlothian voters. Now I’ve logged over 10 years of service to this wonderful community but now I find it necessary to move on.”

During his 10 years of service on the council, accomplishments by the city include Railport TIRZ, the construction of the Conference Center, Senior Citizens Center, the creation of 4A and 4B, construction of Midlothian Parkway, George Hopper and 14th Street, the second and third fire stations, new Midlothian Law Enforcement Center, Landmark Comprehensive plan, statewide award for Midtowne PD, Citizens Academy, and the adoption of Council Code of Ethics and Governmental Policy.

Midlothian City Manager Don Hastings commented on Fryer’s resignation.

“We here at City Hall develop close relationships with our constituents and therefore it’s always sad to see them go,” Hastings said. “But sometimes people’s needs change and they turn the chapter. I wish him a lot of luck in his future endeavors and we always welcome him to join boards and commissions and to stay involved in the city. He helped our city through some good changes.”

Fryer praised the accomplishments that have been made and the growth of Midlothian.

“During the past 10 years, I’ve served arm-in-arm with my council colleagues to address some of Midlothian’s greatest challenges and I’m very proud of all that we’ve accomplished,” he said. “In 1998, only about 7,000 people called Midlothian home. Since then we’ve more than doubled that number to over 16,000. Midlothian’s reputation as a prime address in Ellis County has grown all the while, too.”

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