FERRIS — Several Ferris residents have joined together as a steering committee to work on the Mutz Park project, a sports complex that will benefit the entire community.

The committee members include Gary Ross, Jay Walsh, Von Gallagher, Chris Connell, Jim E. Parks Jr., Cliff Cook and Blake Savell. All were present, except Savell, at a meeting Wednesday night to discuss plans for the project.

The plans for adding softball and baseball fields and upgrading the current fields were discussed at length. The members hope to eventually have three softball fields and two baseball fields at the complex.

The cost is the main concern because committee members said they feel they must make the best possible facility for residents at the lowest possible cost.

Costs for the concession stands, concrete, fences and every other aspect of the project were discussed in great detail. The project will come under two phases, with the objective to get the most important issues resolved so that play on the fields can begin. Additional items were also discussed that were determined could be added to the complex during a later upgrade.

The committee will meet again March 4 to further discuss the project at which time additional information on costs, measurements and other issues will be brought forward.

Several committee members have visited sports complexes in other cities – deriving ideas from each site.

The committee members said they are hopeful that once completed, the complex will generate revenue when tournaments are played there.

Parks, the city’s mayor, is chairman of the steering committee. He invited suggestions from each of the members in attendance and expressed his desire that the project be a place all residents will be proud of.