If you thought the Brady Bunch had a big family, think again.

In fact, if you combined the Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family, you still wouldn’t have anything on Kevin Haislip and his family. Haislip, a Waxahachie resident, is the father of 15 children and was recently named Waxahachie YMCA’s “Father of the Year.”

In honor of Father’s Day, Haislip and 19 other Metroplex dads were honored Thursday by Gordon Echtenkamp, president/CEO of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas.

“I really don’t have any idea how I got nominated for it,” a humble Haislip said. “I guess I look at this more as teamwork. I couldn’t do this without my wife. I honestly think she deserves it more than I do.”

However his wife of 31 years is the first to mention that her husband deserves all the credit he gets.

“I am very proud of him. He has been a good dad for a very long time and he has never received any recognition,” Jody Haislip said. “He is the father of 15 kids and not many guys can do that. The incredible thing is that he cares about people and the next generation more than a lot of other people do. He is just a very loving and caring man; he is a great man of integrity and does things to the best of his ability. We are all very, very proud of him.”

When Jody refers to all, she means: Alex (29), Marci (28), Ruth (28), Stephen (26), Anna (25), Matt (25), Michele (22), Lisa (21), Eric (19), Christy (19), Isaac (18), Amy (17), Ivy (11), and Lily (9). Not to mention grandchildren Ian (5), Annette (3), and Manly (11 months) also are being raised by the Haislips.

Only two of their children are the Haislips’ biological children; the rest are adopted.

“My wife and I have adopted a lot of kids,” the photographer and book publisher said. “We’re a couple that really believes that as Christians, Christ has commanded us to take care of the widowed, the orphaned and the outcast. We have a terrible foster program in our country. I would like to encourage people to step up to the plate and take these kids in foster care. These kids need good solid homes.”

When Haislip, who is also an active member at Waxahachie Bible Church, is not busy with work, he finds himself with his family.

“In my spare time I raise kids,” Haislip said. “Most of the time I have, I find myself getting kids to different doctor appointments and such.”

But, according to Haislip, he wouldn’t have it any other way.