Friends and neighbors of Thurman Ross Jr. are working together to help him after a structure fire destroyed his home and most of its contents last Tuesday.

An account has been set up at Citizens National Bank under Ross’s name so that the public can provide assistance.

“My first thought after the fire was that I just wanted to help. I remember that he said, ‘I have no home’ and I told him that he could stay with us until he gets everything situated or until he finds something else,” said Sada Tredway, who’s been Ross’ neighbor for about 15 years.

“He had come home and got in the shower when his dog started acting crazy and he opened the door when all of the black smoke started barreling in,” she said. “It just went up quick. He had no insurance and there was just nothing that you could do.”

Ross was able to make it out of the structure with his dog and escape the fire without injuries. His 21-year-old son, Derek, who lives with Ross, was able to salvage some clothes.

At the time of the fire, Ross had two truck-tractors that he owned on the property.

“He was able to get the one that he drives on a regular basis out. I was screaming at him when he was in that truck because it was close to the fire and you have to let the pressure build up before you can take off. He was able to drive it over to my house,” Tredway said. “The other truck only had a busted window and that was due to the heat from the fire. But it looks like he will be able to get that replaced for free.”

The account was set up Friday with a beginning contribution of $400.

“He has gone back through the structure. He was able to find some tools but not much. People at the bank have told me that this type of fund has worked for other people in the past,” she said. “Every little bit helps when somebody is in need.”

Clothing and other items are being accepted as donations. For more information on ways to help, contact Tredway at 469-766-8137.

Contact Andrew at andrew.branca@wninews. com or 469-517-1458.