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We recently helped spread the word about a new Facebook page, “You Might Be From Waxahachie If…”, where almost 1,900 members had joined the group as of Saturday.

Our Facebook page reader comments included:

RS: I’m one of those members and it is the BEST thing I have seen on Facebook! It is so nice and positive no negativity or complaining!

DR: Not a native of Waxahachie, but married one.

DL: I love reading about all of the memories :)

LW:  I’m not “from here” but can identify with some posted memories from the 12 years since we’ve lived here! I love this town!

 CS: I’ve been on it since about 3 hrs after inception and I’m hooked! I’m going throug my wall really fast so I can get back to the page, lots of updates flying past already! LOL!!!

JB: I got on the page Thursday morning. It has been so much fun to walk down memory lane. And it is a cool trip in this HOT weather!

We also congratulated DPS troopers and Mansfield PD on their recent recoveries of $43,000 in cash (DPS), 7 pounds of meth (DPS) and 800 pounds of marijuana (MPD). Our readers gave a bunch of ‘thumbs ups’ and also commented:

CV: Way to go!!!!

CM: Go and get’ em boys! U can run from the law….but the lawman will always win. So happy to know the good guys r going home safe too. Kudos to all!

JC: Thanks guys!

RF: ”Get at ‘em boys…then go back home; back to the girls you love…”

Facebook readers also liked our post on increased sales tax receipts to local municipalities, as reported by state Comptroller Susan Combs.

RA commented: Yay…maybe we can get some of the horrendous roads fixed!!

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