Construction is under way on a new station for the Emergency Service District No. 6 Volunteer Fire Department.

The project is moving forward and firefighters hope to be operating out of the facility, which is located off of  Farm-to-Market 66, in 30 days.

“We have nine doors, which can accommodate nine trucks. The building is 50 foot wide and 150 foot long. It is completely insulated, every wall, ceiling and even the skylights are insulated skylights,” ESD board president Wayne Ballard said.

“The construction has gone wonderfully. We have four 125,000 BTU heaters mounted to the ceiling in the bay. Each one has on its own thermostat, making the entire bay climate-controlled,” he said.

The station is a manufactured steel building with 7,500 square feet. To save on the cost, the doors are on one side of the building and apparatuses will have to back in to park. Stored behind the fire apparatuses will be lockers for the firefighters’ bunker gear.

The walls of the building will have three inches of insulation and the roof will be of galvalume metal, which has a 30- to 50-year warranty and reflects the heat, reducing the temperature inside.

Ballard said the new building will give firefighters the ability to respond to calls quicker. At the existing station in downtown Waxahachie, firefighters can be slowed in going to calls depending on the traffic conditions and the time of the day. The new station will provide better access to Interstate 35E, giving firefighters more of a direct route to their calls.

The building will feature an office area for the fire chief, a waiting area, a small kitchen, training/meeting room, men and women’s restrooms with showers and a secure storage area for file cabinets and other equipment. There will also be a ventilated room to house the department’s air compressor it uses to fill air bottles. The offices and meeting room will be heated and air-conditioned while the engine bay will not. On the far side of the engine bay, a hose drying rack will be installed that will allow hoses to dry after use.

Remaining on the construction are sanding, painting, installing electrical and plumbing fixtures, running an electrical line to the building, connecting a water line to a fire hydrant and the building, installing a septic system and installing supply ventilation intakes for the air-conditioning.

The communications antenna will be moved from the existing building to the new building around the middle of August. The driveway leading up to the station will be paved with a crushed aggregate material near the end of the project.

The cost of the building is about $300,000, with Ballard saying the numbers indicate it will come in under budget.

The new station will be located behind the Buena Vista Bethel Special Utility District clear water storage tank, which is next to Big Toy RV and Mini Storage, in the 1800 block of Farm-to-Market 66.

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