With Ron Vestal

This Week’s Weather Quiz:

1. The following four rainfall totals are the correct totals that I have recorded for each of the last four months, July, August, September and October. Can you match the correct total with the correct month? (a) 0.29 of an inch (b) 0.89 of an inch (c) 3.62 inches (d) 3.96 inches

2. Normally, in the month of November, we should have three days that reach freezing or below. As of Nov. 25, how many have I recorded so far this November? (a) none (b) only one day (c) two days (d) three days

3. When did I record the first freeze of the fall last year? (a) Nov. 2 (b) Nov. 11 (c) Nov. 30 (d) Dec. 6

4. How many days did I record a freeze during all of last November 2006? (a) none (b) only one day (c) three days (d) four days

5. Four months so far this year each had less than one inch of rain. Which one of the following four months had more than one inch of rain? (a) April (b) May (c) August (d) October

Weather Highlights

Sept. 6 through Nov. 23 of this year, or, a 79 day period, I recorded only 1.02 inches of rain. During last weekend, Nov. 24 and 25, I recorded a total of 1.48 inches of rain.

Now, lets take a look month by month at the temperatures so far in 2007.

January 2007 wasn’t real cold but it was consistently cold, especially the high temperatures. They averaged 4.6 degrees below normal. But, the coldest temperature I recorded in January 2007 was only 26 degrees. That’s not cold for January. The over-all average for January was 2.8 degrees above normal.

February was just slightly above normal, only 0.2 degrees above normal. However, the coldest temperature that I have recorded so far this year was recorded in February. It reached 17 degrees on Feb. 16.

March was way above normal. In fact, it was the second warmest March that I have recorded during the 34 years I have kept weather records and observations in Ennis. March 2007 was 6.5 degrees above normal.

April 2007 is the coolest April I have recorded since April 1997. It’s the fifth coolest April I have recorded and it was 2.8 degrees below normal.

May was 2.9 degrees below normal and June was 1.0 degrees below normal.

July 2007 is the second coolest July that I have recorded during the last 34 years. It was 4.1 degrees below normal, and, no 100 degree or above days were recorded in July 2007, something kind of rare in Ennis. Normally we should have seven in July. In fact, I recorded only 12 days in July that reached 90 degrees or above and none reached 95 degrees or above. The warmest temperature in July was only 94 degrees. That is not the kind of Julys that we are use to, but there were no complaints.

August was 0.4 degrees above normal, just slightly above normal. September was 1.4 degrees above normal and October 2.9 degrees above normal.

We’ve had five months this year above normal and five months below normal. The coldest temperature so far this year is 17 degrees on February 16 and the warmest is 102 degrees on Aug. 14.

What will the last month or so of 2007 bring? Will we have an extended cold spell, or maybe some unusually mild weather for this time of year? Will November and December be below normal or above normal? How many more days in 2007 will we have a freeze? When will our first freeze of the fall occur? Is 17 degrees on Feb. 16 the coldest temperature for 2007, or will it dip below that mark in December? These are just some of the questions Mother Nature will give us the answers to during the rest of 2007.

Ennis Temperatures and Rainfall for the week of Nov. 19-25, 2007:

The normal low temperature for this time of year is 42 degrees. The normal high temperature for this time of year is 62 degrees.

Monday, Nov. 19 - low temperature 58 degrees; high temperature 80 degrees. Rainfall - 0.00 of an inch.

Tuesday, Nov. 20 - low temperature 64 degrees; high temperature 81 degrees. Rainfall - 0.00 of an inch.

Wednesday, Nov. 21 - low temperature 40 degrees; high temperature 75 degrees. Rainfall - 0.00 of an inch.

Thursday, Nov. 22 - low temperature 36 degrees; high temperature 49 degrees. Rainfall - 0.08 of an inch.

Friday, Nov. 23 - low temperature 33 degrees; high temperature 48 degrees. Rainfall - 0.00 of an inch.

Saturday, Nov. 24 - low temperature 38 degrees; high temperature 45 degrees. Rainfall - 0.80 of an inch.

Sunday, Nov. 25 - low temperature 38 degrees; high temperature 42 degrees. Rainfall - 0.68 of an inch.

Temperature Range and Total Rainfall for the week of Nov, 19-25, 2007:

The coolest temperature 33 degrees on November 23. The warmest temperature 81 degrees on November 20. Total rainfall November 19-25 - 1.56 inches.

Rainfall for Month and Year:

Rainfall Nov. 1-25 - 1.56 inches. Normal rainfall for all of November - 3.42 inches. Rainfall so far this year, January through Nov. 25 - 46.73 inches. Normal rainfall January through all of November - 36.77 inches.

Weather Flashbacks for Nov. 19-25:

Nov. 19, 1988 - low temperature 43 degrees; high temperature 57 degrees. Cloudy and cool with 1.35 inches of rain.

Nov. 23, 1995 - Thanksgiving Day - low temperature 48 degrees; high temperature 64 degrees. Mostly cloudy.

Nov. 23, 2006 - Thanksgiving Day - low temperature 50 degrees; high temperature 76 degrees. Clear and mild.

Nov. 24, 1982 - low temperature 31 degrees; high temperature 40 degrees. Cloudy and cold with 0.02 of an inch of rain.

Nov. 24, 2005 - Thanksgiving Day - low temperature 47 degrees; high temperature 73 degrees. Cloudy and mild.

Nov. 25, 1993 - Thanksgiving Day - low temperature 26 degrees; high temperature 33 degrees. At 10 a.m. light periods of rain. Periods of sleet mixed with rain at 11 a.m. with a temperature of 32 degrees. Sleet at 11:05 a.m. sleet sticking on ground. At 11:15 a.m., sleet, freezing rain, and thunder. One quarter to one half inch accumulation of sleet on the ground on Thanksgiving Day 1993.

Nov. 25, 1996 - low temperature 30 degrees; high temperature 36 degrees. Cloudy, windy and cold.

Nov. 25, 1995 - Thanksgiving Day - low temperature 41 degrees; high temperature 58 degrees. Fair and cool.

This Week’s Small Texas Town Salute:

Grigsby - population 45, located in Shelby County in east Texas.

Hindes - population 14, located in Atascosa County in central Texas.

Liberty Hill - population 25, located in Milam County in east central Texas.

Mereta - population 75, located in Tom Green County in west central Texas.

Norman - population 20, located in Williamson County in central Texas.

Piedmont - population 20, located in Upshur County in east Texas.

Roach - population 50, located in Cass County in northeast Texas.

Answers to this Week’s Weather Quiz:

1. A - 0.29 of an inch is the total rainfall for August (b) 0.89 of an inch - October (c) 3.62 inches - July (d) 3.96 inches - September.

2. A - So far this November, I have not recorded a freeze.

3. C - I recorded the first freeze of the fall last year on Nov. 30 - 32 degrees.

4. B - Last November 2006, I recorded one freeze on Nov. 30. It was our first freeze of the fall,

5. B - May had more tha one inch of rain. The total for May was 8,40 inches. February is the other month this year with a total of less than one inch of rain. It had only 0.96 of an inch.