This Weekís Weather Quiz

1. During the last 33 years that I have recorded daily weather observations and records in Ennis, whatís the latest date that I have recorded our first freeze of the fall/winter? (a) Dec. 10 (b) Dec. 13 (c) Dec. 17 (d) Dec. 22.

2. During the last 33 years, the driest December I have recorded occurred in December 1981. Can you guess the total rainfall that I recorded that dry December? (a) only 0.17 of an inch recorded all month (b) 0.88 of an inch (c) 1.11 inches (d) 1.92 inches

3. In December 1983, a cold wave struck the area keeping the temperature freezing or below in Ennis how many consecutive days? (a) four consecutive days (b) six consecutive days (c) nine consecutive days (d) 12 consecutive days

4. On Dec. 23, 1989, I recorded the coldest temperature in Ennis that I have recorded during the last 33 years I have kept weather records. Can you remember or guess how cold that temperature was? (a) seven above zero (b) four above zero (c) one above zero (d) minus 4 degrees

5. One of the worst ice storms to hit this area began on Dec. 30 and ended on Jan. 2. When did this great destructive ice storm occur in Ennis? (a) Dec. 30, 1976-Jan. 2, 1977 (b) Dec. 30, 1978-Jan. 2, 1979 (c) Dec. 30, 1983-Jan. 2, 1984 (d) Dec. 30, 1988-Jan. 2, 1989

Weather Highlights:

Letís review some of my weather observations for November 2007.

Nov. 3-4 - It was opening weekend of deer season. On Nov. 3, opening morning, the low temperature in Ennis was only 55 degrees and the high reached a mild 72 degrees with partly cloudy skies. The next morning, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2007, the low temperature was again 55 degrees and the high, a very pleasant 77 degrees. Most deer hunters donít like this spring-like weather for hunting. Most hunters prefer it to be kind of cold, but, as always, Mother Nature has control of the weather department.

Nov. 5 - I had recorded only 0.94 of an inch of rain in the last 61 days.

Nov. 6 - Election Day - weather conditions in Ennis were: fair and mild. The low temperature was 50 degrees with a high of 65 degrees.

Nov. 11 - Veteranís Day - it was partly cloudy and warm. The low temperature was 62 degrees with a high of 80 degrees.

Nov. 15 - the humidity in Ennis at 10 a.m. was only 28 percent. At 10 p.m. it was still a low 42 percent.

Nov. 16 - the humidity in Ennis at 5 p.m. was a low 26 percent.

Nov. 15 - Ellis County was placed under an outdoor burn ban for 90 days due to recent dry weather. The extremely wet spring and summer caused a heavy growth of vegetation which now, due to the dry conditions, could fuel fires even more.

Nov. 20 - At 10:30 p.m. itís still a mild 70 degrees in Ennis. The normal high for this date is only 64 degrees. Todayís high was 80 degrees.

Nov. 22 - Thanksgiving Day - the low temperature in Ennis was 36 degrees and the high only 49 degrees. At 5:26 p.m. a rain and sleet shower fell in Ennis briefly, amounting to only 0.01 of an inch. The rest of the precipitation was rain and by 8 p.m., the rain had ended with a total of only 0.08 of an inch.

Nov. 30 - The coldest temperature that I recorded in November 2007 was 33 degrees on Nov. 23 and the warmest was 85 degrees on Nov. 14.

Summary for November 2007:

November 2007 is the fourth warmest November I have recorded in the last 34 years with an average of 60.4 degrees or 3.7 degrees above normal. The other three are: November 1999, 62.8 degrees, which is the warmest I have recorded, November 2005 - 61.6 degrees, and November 2001 - 60.5 degrees. Notice that all four have been recorded since 1998.

I recorded no freeze in November 2007. Itís only the ninth November out of the last 34 that I have recorded without a freeze.

The total rainfall for November 2007 was only 1.56 inches, or 1.86 inches below normal. The total rainfall January through November 2007 is 46.73 inches or 9.96 inches above normal.

So, November 2007 was below normal on rainfall and above normal on the average temperature. Sound familiar? Well, thatís about what it was for October. Is there a pattern developing here? Well, the long term outlook through this coming winter is calling for about the same, a drier than normal winter with above normal temperatures and with only short periods of cold weather outbreaks. Will this pattern and prediction hold true? Well, we will just have to wait and see.

Ennis Temperatures and Rainfall for the week of Dec. 3-9, 2007:

The normal low temperature for this time of year is 39 degrees. The normal high temperature for this time of year is 58 degrees.

Monday, Dec. 3 - low temperature 33 degrees; high temperature 57 degrees. Rainfall - 0.00 of an inch.

Tuesday, Dec. 4 - low temperature 35 degrees; high temperature 67 degrees. Rainfall - 0.00 of an inch.

Wednesday, Dec. 5 - low temperature 44 degrees; high temperature 76 degrees. Rainfall - 0.00 of an inch.

Thursday, Dec. 6 - low temperature 37 degrees; high temperature 66 degrees. Rainfall - 0.00 of an inch.

Friday, Dec. 7 - low temperature 59 degrees; high temperature 79 degrees. Rainfall - 0.00 of an inch.

Saturday, Dec. 8 - low temperature 65 degrees; high temperature 80 degrees. Rainfall - 0.00 of an inch.

Sunday, Dec. 9 - low temperature 39 degrees; high temperature 71 degrees. Rainfall - 0.12 of an inch.

Temperature Range and Total Rainfall for the week of Dec. 3-9, 2007:

The coldest temperature 33 degrees on Dec. 3. The warmest temperature 80 degrees on Dec. 8. Total rainfall December 3-9 - 0.12 of an inch.

Rainfall for Month and Year:

Rainfall December 1-9 - 0.15 of an inch. Normal rainfall for all of December - 3.71 inches. Rainfall so far this year, January through Dec. 9 - 46.88 inches. Normal rainfall January through December - 40.58 inches.

Weather Flashbacks for Dec. 3-9:

Dec. 3, 2006 - low temperature 31 degrees; high temperature 47 degrees. Clear, windy and cold.

Dec. 4, 1996 - low temperature 40 degrees; high temperature 54 degrees. Cloudy and cool with 0.85 of an inch of rain.

Dec. 4, 2006 - low temperature 25 degrees; high temperature 51 degrees. Clear and cold.

Dec. 7, 2006 - low temperature 28 degrees; high temperature 52 degrees. Fair, windy and cold. Area lake levels were way below normal. Cedar Creek was 9.81 feet below normal, Lavon - 16.52 feet below, Richland Chambers - 11.01 feet below and Tawakoni - 12.26 feet below normal.

Dec. 8, 1980 - low temperature 41 degrees; high temperature 54 degrees. Cloudy and cool. I recorded 0.80 of an inch of rain during the night, and 1.50 inches during the day.

Dec. 8, 2006 - low temperature 21 degrees; high temperature 42 degrees. Fair and cold with an early morning hard freeze.

Dec. 9, 1994 - low temperature 38 degrees; high temperature 41 degrees. Cloudy and cold with 0.20 of an inch of rain recorded during the night and 1.55 inches during the day.

Dec. 9, 2006 - low temperature 29 degrees; high temperature 53 degrees. Partly cloudy and cool.

This Weekís Small Texas Town Salute:

Eulogy - population 45, located in Bosque County in north central Texas.

Frame Switch - population 20, located in Williamson County in central Texas.

Grit - population 30, located in Mason County in southwest Texas.

Hinkles - population 35, located in Brazoria County on the coastal plains.

Lindenau - population 50, located in DeWitt County in south central Texas.

Merriman - population 14, located in Eastland County in west central Texas.

Normandy - population 98, located in Maverick County in southwest Texas.

Answers to this Weekís Weather Quiz:

1. D - the latest date in the fall/winter that I have recorded the first freeze is December 22, 1998.

2. A - December 1981 is the driest December I have recorded with a total rainfall all month of only 0.17 of an inch of rain.

3. D - In December 1983, a cold wave hit the area keeping the temperatures freezing or below for 12 ? consecutive days. It was labeled as, ďThe December Deep Freeze of 1983.Ē

4. D - On Dec. 23, 1989 - I recorded the temperature in Ennis minus four degrees. Itís the coldest temperature Iíve ever recorded.

5. B - Dec. 30, 1978 - Jan. 2, 1979 - one of the worst ice storms to ever hit the area occurred in Ennis, breaking tree limbs, downing power lines, and causing power outages.