ENNIS – Ennis police officers can add hog wrangler to their resumes after tackling a pound-packing porker the other day.

Police Chief John Erisman credits one of the department’s newest patrolmen for spotting the stray hog roaming through a neighborhood.

“Curtis (Farmer) was out on patrol, going down the street and all of a sudden here comes this 350-pound hog crossing the street in front of him,” the chief said. “He’s wiping his eyes and calls it in. We respond to it, mainly to keep it out of the roadway. We didn’t want another donkey incident (an animal-caused fatal accident several years ago on Interstate 45).”

Farmer retrieved a rope from the trunk of his patrol car and along with Erisman and several others set off on a several-block pursuit that stretched from the 600 block of S. McKinney to the 900 block of S. Dallas.

“Fortunately (Farmer) is kind of a country boy and has some roping skills. He was able to get a lasso around him and wrap it around a tree where the hog couldn’t get out into the street anymore,” Erisman said. “Once we had the hog tied up, we got a hold of its hind legs, got the hog flipped over and then got on top of it.”

It was a good thing it wasn’t a feral hog – because the tussle was on.

“I can say (the hog) was not real happy with the situation,” Erisman said of the domesticated hog. “It tried to get after us a couple of times.”

A neighbor brought the officers several dog leashes to help secure the animal.

“That turned into broken leashes and those were being retied and tied in different ways,” Erisman said, saying the officers then resorted to the zip ties they use for flexible cuffs.

“We put those on its legs and before it was over there were zip ties coming off of every leg and every direction. It was pretty humorous,” the chief said. “Of course, the hog was squealing all the way and no telling what people thought we were doing with it.”

Unable to locate an owner, the officers were faced with a detainee too big to simply lift up and put in a patrol car. Fortunately, they were able to make contact with the high school ag department, which brought its trailer over and transported “this little piggy” to a local rescue.

Although there’s no police tape of the event, that doesn’t mean Ennis PD hasn’t found itself on the Internet.

“There were probably 12 to 15 people from around the neighborhood watching. I’m sure there’s probably a video and plenty of pictures on cell phones,” Erisman said. “The whole time I’m thinking about this ending up on YouTube as we’re wrestling this stinky pig and trying to tie it up.

“I got to thinking later on, ‘This is another time you should have stayed in the office,’ ” he joked.

The YouTube link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J22jfPHFhA

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