A joint effort between the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office and the Ennis Police Department has resulted in the arrest of a man who they say was selling alcohol to minors.

According to information released by the sheriff’s office, complaints had been received that minors were being allowed to purchase alcohol at Quick Pantry, located at 2201 W. Ennis Ave., Ennis.

Sheriff Johnny Brown assigned several investigators, who, along with Ennis officers, set up surveillance on the business.

“Investigators observed Mr. (Iqbal E.) Lasi sell alcoholic beverages to five different minors on three separate occasions,” a spokesman said.  “When a transaction was observed, Ennis PD would then conduct a traffic stop and confirm the persons were under 21.

“Prior to the final observed transaction, sheriff’s office investigators entered the store,” the spokesman said. “While in the store, they observed a minor bring a 30 pack of beer to the register.”

According to the information released by the sheriff’s office, Lasi allegedly failed to ask the age of the minor and conducted the sale.

After identifying themselves, the investigators then asked for an ID from the minor, who said he didn’t have any but that he was 18.

Lasi was subsequently placed under arrest on four charges of selling alcohol beverages to a minor and booked into Wayne McCollum Detention Center. He has since been released on bonds totaling $4,000.