He’s the go-between-guy when it comes to the various law enforcement agencies fighting crime in Ellis County and in Navarro County.

Even though it can be a balancing act at times, Texas Ranger Jason Bobo learned early on that maintaining flexibility is a key contributor to making this a win-win situation for all involved.

“’Since I’m assigned to both Ellis and Navarro and part of the Texas Department of Public Safety Company “B,” in Waxahachie, I deal with agencies on a local level, which could be municipal or county, plus I work with state and federal when needed,” Bobo said. “My day-to-day responsibilities include dealing with the crime lab, crime scene investigators, doing reports, interviews and interrogations. It really is a wide spectrum of things that I do, and it can change at a moments notice.” 

Being on call 24 hours, seven days a week is another responsibility that comes with this position, and as challenging as that may sound, Bobo says it’s just part of what comes with the job.    

“It can be anything from thefts, mischief and even murder — and when these events happen it becomes reactive,” Bobo said. “When it does involve murder, we have to be the voice for the victim, and we can do this by investigating thoroughly and speaking up for them.” 

So at what point does a Texas Ranger get “the call” to step into a crime solving situation?

As Bobo explained, it can be as simple as a phone call from another agency or one from a concerned citizen. There is not an exact protocol to follow when setting up this relationship, so the assignment field can be wide open.

“We are seeing copper thefts on the rise along with an added amount of burglaries,” Bobo said. “We’re even seeing automated money machines being stolen, which sadly reflects that economic challenges drive the motives behind the crimes.” 

Bobo said he takes pride in knowing he is part of an agency that was started in 1823 by Stephen F. Austin to protect the frontier. Protecting citizens and communities then grew into conducting investigations, and that was an endearing attraction that drew Bobo to this kind of career.    

“The best part of my job is I get to work with so many different types of people,” Bobo said. “The hardest part is the obvious pressure because people expect good work, and I expect that of myself, too,” Bobo said. “People have expectations, and I am always aware of that. Also covering such a large territory, which then includes the different municipalities in the two different counties can be prove to be difficult.”

But there’s not much that Bobo doesn’t take in stride as he performs his Texas Ranger duties. He does believe, however, that citizens and the community as a whole can do their part to keep safety in mind.

“The most paramount thing is to be vigilant and be aware of your surroundings and know what’s going on around you,” Bobo said. “Looking at your neighbors house and your house, knowing what’s out of place and normal and then furthermore not thinking it’s going to be OK – report it.”

Bobo has been with the Texas Rangers since January 2010. He likes doing his part to keep his hometown of Midlothian and the area around it free of crime.

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