As 2011 fades away with 2012 rapidly approaching, area residents shared some of the changes they would like to make in their lives.

Sometimes those changes entail wanting to be more fit, spend more time with family, travel to exotic destinations or be more giving.

Whatever the situation may be, around this time of year, people tend to reflect on how they want to spend the new year and make resolutions to attain those goals.

Coop Towle of Waxahachie enjoys riding his Harley Davidson, especially on country roads, with his wife Dee. But their time riding together was limited in 2011 and he would like to spend more time riding with her in the new year.

My wife is my best friend, Towle said. This past year we werent able to ride as much we wanted because of work. The only time we were able to ride together was on weekends. Next year we plan on taking some long road trips and spend more time together.

Towle said he and his wife are planning on taking trips to West Texas and to Galveston.

My wife loves the beach, he said. She has always wanted us to ride our Harleys to the beach. Next year were doing it and we already have our trip mapped out. It will be U.S. Highway 77 all the way.

Mikyla Cash is a sophomore at Waxahachie High School and next year she has her heart set on becoming more physically fit, meeting more friends and being a successful high school student by focusing on her grades.

Every year one of my top goals is continue to be healthy, Cash said. I make that my resolution every year and try really hard to achieve that goal by working out. I dont belong to a particular gym, but I work out with friends a lot.

Cash said her other dream is to become an event photographer and she is going to work really hard in 2012 to make that dream become a reality.

Photography major Katrina Koetting of Ferris said she would like to take more time in the next year to focus on her craft. That is her number one resolution. However, she had several others that were at the top of her list.

Im trying real hard to become a healthier eater, Koetting said. Ive already started making those changes by watching what I eat and drink. So Im definitely going in the right direction. I also have decided to spend less time on Facebook. I have found it to be very unproductive and it has eaten up a lot of my study time.

Koetting is a freshman at Sam Houston State University and was finding it difficult to stay on task due to the extreme amount of time she was spending on Facebook. She said because of chatting habits, she would be up late hours trying to study and get homework done.

Katrinas older sister Marissa is attending McNeese State University where she is a junior biology major with a minor in psychology.

Marissa said her passion above all else is Jesus Christ and she intends on getting closer to him in 2012.

I want to grow in my relationship with Christ, Marissa said. Hes really been moving in my heart lately about being more of a Christian example. I also want to be more of a servant in the new year.

Marissa said she wants to grow, thrive and rededicate herself in 2012 by showing others around her the importance of having a relationship with Jesus.

Jessica Robles, an employee of Walmart in Waxahachie and mother of two, said her resolutions are to spend more time with her children and go back to college.

I plan on going back to Navarro College and get my basic courses out of the way, Robles said. Im not sure what I want to major in, but Im sure its going to involve the medical field.

David Robinson of Milford said his main objective for the coming year was to spend more time with his grandchildren.

I get to spend some time with them now, Robinson said. But I want to spend a lot more time with them in the new year. They mean the world to me and I dont think you can ever spend too much time with your grandkids.

Robinsons daughter Carlene and son-in-law David Dailey from Rome, Italy are in town for the holidays. David shared that he and Carlene are hoping to have more oversees assignments in 2012.

We love Europe, David said. We want to continue to enjoy life there by traveling and taking on more assignments. We dont know what God has in store for us. He has been faithful to us so far and we expect Him to do even greater things in our lives in the year to come.

A resolution is simply a decision to do or not do something. As the new year approaches, whatever resolutions have been made, action is required to make those goals and decisions come to fruition.

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