Beginning March 23, for those members of the Ennis ISD staff who have decided that they will leave employment with the District after the close of school year 2010-11, the District will pay $1,000 to each certified employee and $750 to each non-certified employee who submits a resignation letter and appropriate paperwork to the Human Resources office by the end of the work day on March 31, 2011.

“The first 50 employees to complete the materials will receive the incentive. By knowing early who will not return, EISD principals and directors can plan more efficiently for the upcoming school year,” said Henry Martinez, EISD communications director.

Another step toward fiscal efficiency is the closing of the EISD Day Care program, beginning in 2011-12 school year. Full service will be provided for the remainder of this year. While the Day Care Center is a wonderful benefit which offers excellent care for young children, the District subsidy of the program has grown to a point where it is no longer fiscally responsible to continue it.