Rough terrain, unfinished walls and a makeshift parking lot couldn't stop the appreciation luncheon held at the site of the new junior high last week. The people behind the construction believe in celebrating growth in stages and that is what they did as Charter Builders, Ltd held a “topping out” luncheon at the junior high construction site to celebrate the completion of the steel construction aspect of the project.

All of the Charter employees involved with the project were on hand as well as their sub contractors and workers, Ennis ISD board of trustee members and officials with the district as well as community members to celebrate the efforts of the company and the workers who have helped keep the project on schedule.

“A sincere thanks goes to all the workers who have helped make this project successful. Every construction company has sub contractors but not everyone has quality workers like the ones that are working on the school. The rainy months earlier in the year set us back a little bit but because of the hard work and dedication from those people we have gained time and when the kids come in August we will be ready for them,” said Greg Burns who is the district representative for the project.

In addition to recognizing the workmanship of Charter Builders, it also recognized the respect and quality of care and attention that the workers are putting into the project.

I have been to the site many times unannounced and the folks that work here everyday are hardworking, respectful and focused. The school board and the administration at Ennis ISD really appreciates the effort being made for our kids. Fifty years from now all of the children served in this building will have been made possible by the work and effort of what you do now. I know that we will continue on and finish this project with excellence and celebrate it when it is finished,” said Dr. Eddie Dunn, EISD superintendent.

The group, which was addressed in both English and Spanish were also given praise from their project manager, Mike Green who is on-site and sees what happens on a daily basis.

“This get together is to celebrate what the workers have done and show how much they are appreciated. We work with a top notch group that put as much pride into their work as we do in ours and we really appreciate the efforts of everyone involved,” Green said.

Ennis ISD board of trustee members that were in attendance left their mark for upcoming students and staff as each signed a wall and left their messages as well as hopes for the school.

"The gesture is somewhat like leaving a time capsule behind, if for any reason such as future renovations the wall needs to be uncovered the messages that were left will be able to be seen and enjoyed," said Henry Martinez, EISD communications director.

The project which is set for completion in August will feature state of the art classrooms and technology as well as competitive gym facilities.

Tours of the facility are being scheduled by the Ennis ISD administration for service or church groups interested in touring the construction site. To inquire about an upcoming tour contact the EISD administration office at (972) 875-9027.