During the early hours of Wednesday, Sept. 28, the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office received two calls about a 44-year-old man that was planning suicide. 

One call came from a suicide hotline and the second call originated from a lady stating she was, until recently, the girlfriend of the male.

Deputies responded to a residence in the 2800 block of U.S. Highway 34 west of Avalon and started trying to make contact with the male. 

Initial contact was not made. 

Because it was nearing time for the Avalon school buses to be running, the school district was notified of the incident and the potential closure of part of U.S. Highway 34, according to a release issued by the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office. 

At approximately 7 a.m. contact was made with the male subject and once the area was secured, the school district was notified all was well.

During the call to the location probable cause was identified to obtain a narcotics search warrant, the release stated. 

A warrant was obtained and a small quantity of suspected narcotics was seized.  The suspected narcotics will be sent to the lab for testing prior to any criminal charges being made in relation to them.

The male was taken to a Metroplex area psychiatric hospital for evaluation.