Beginning with the Tuesday, June 14 edition, the Waxahachie Daily Light will make the transition to a morning paper.

“This is a significant change that we’ve been evaluating for several months in order to better serve both our readers and advertisers,” said Ray Pike, vice president and publisher of Waxahachie Newspapers Inc.

Pike said morning delivery will enable our readers to have the news first thing in the morning, allowing them to start their day with the same award-winning coverage the Daily Light is known for.

“The only difference is they will have it delivered to their home about 12 hours earlier, Some subscribers in the outlying areas of Ellis County will begin receiving their Tuesday through Friday delivery with their regular scheduled United States Postal Service mail delivery. Subscribers receiving this form of delivery will be notified by mail in the future. Their Sunday delivery will continue to be by our carriers,” he added.

The Waxahachie Daily Light is part of the Dallas-based American Consolidated Media family of newspapers, which includes the Brownwood Bulletin and Stephenville Empire-Tribute.

Pike noted both Brownwood and Stephenville have recently made the transition to morning publications, which have been extremely well received in both communities.

“It’s no surprise to anyone that the newspaper industry continues to change at a rapid pace. The successful papers are the ones with the ability to adapt and embrace new delivery systems and technology to provide customers with nearly instant information on demand,” Pike said.

In addition to the transition to a morning publication, Waxahachie Newspapers Inc. is also in the process of launching a new website, enabling the staff to expand the scope of its coverage of local news in a multi-media format while also providing more state, national and world news provided by the Associated Press — giving readers timely information on demand.

“Many of our online readers have already noticed the number of breaking and developing news stories that are being posted on our website prior to being published in the paper. Not only will our readers be seeing a lot more of that — providing timely news coverage as it happens — but the new website will allow us the ability to expand our coverage through news videos, slide shows, expanded sidebars and interactive blogs from our award-winning journalists,” Pike said.

Other changes

Pike said additional WNI production changes will include discontinuation of the Monday print edition, beginning June 13. He noted breaking news and information normally printed in the Monday editions will be posted throughout the day on the website, providing our subscribers online views with uninterrupted access to news and information. Print subscribers can establish online access at

Distribution of WNI’s weekly newspapers (Alvarado Post, Ennis Journal, Ellis County Chronicle and the Midlothian Mirror) will all shift to Thursday delivery.

Additionally, Pike said WNI is increasing its single copy sales efforts to include more dealer locations throughout the county, moving away from coin-operated rack sales.

“First of all, we want to have a greater presence with all of our partnering merchants who sell our newspapers,” Pike said. “Beginning today, we will be running a series of ads promoting those locations where folks can pick up a copy of the Daily Light, bright and early Tuesday through Friday mornings if they don’t receive home delivery or they are not a subscriber online. We want to make it as convenient as possible for readers to find and purchase a copy of the Daily Light.”

Pike said theft is another reason for the transition away from coin-operated racks.

“While racks have traditionally been a convenient way for people to purchase a newspaper, the amount of theft from our racks has been a cause of great concern,” he said, noting that the theft rate for Daily Light news racks is more than 80 percent.

“What that means is for every 10 papers we put in a news rack, eight of them are being stolen on a daily basis,” he said. “As a business, we can’t continue to operate in that manner. In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing fewer Daily Light news racks around town; however, you’ll be seeing our paper in more stores throughout the community.”

For more information about Daily Light delivery, how to become a subscriber, or to establish online access contact WNI Circulation Manager Brian Jones at 469-517-1470 or go to our website at