Ellis County will receive about $350,000 in disaster relief funding, according to a notice of approval received Friday from the Texas Office of Rural Community Affairs.

The funding was in response to an application submitted Oct. 24.

Mark Wyatt, director of community development with ORCA, said the county would receive funding for the flooding event in March, which was declared a state disaster by Gov. Rick Perry.

“Tim Glendening and the Ellis County Emergency Management staff have been working hard to obtain all funds available to the County, and I appreciate their efforts,” County Judge Chad Adams said.

Tim F. Glendening & Associates Inc. has been working with cities and counties throughout Texas since 1983, obtaining and administering grant projects. TFGA has worked with Ellis County previously in securing grant funds.

This grant will cover the costs incurred by Ellis County to reconstruct storm damage to roads and culverts.

“The various county precincts have all worked hard during and after the floods, both making the many repairs and maintaining the records that were needed to obtain this assistance,” said Sharon McKinney, Ellis County emergency management coordinator. “We are being reimbursed 100 percent of the damages that were caused, plus reimbursement for associated administrative costs, so there is no cost to the county as a result of this flooding situation.”

The ORCA award includes $58,995 for Pct. 2, $209,426 for Pct. 3, and $53,577 for Pct. 4, along with $28,000 in administrative funds.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency also assisted the county with funds to help offset the cost of road repairs that resulted from flooding June 16 to Aug. 3.