Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford reports a number of incidents involving counterfeit checks being passed in the county and surrounding areas.

Several of the counterfeit checks have been passed by the suspect(s) using information from Devon Energy, Chesapeake Energy and XTO.

Alford said the checks look authentic as it appears they are being generated from a check-writing program that will actually print a check in a standard format.

The primary difference in the counterfeit checks and most company or corporate checks, which would be readily recognizable to retailers, is the physical size of the check.

The counterfeit checks are the same size as a personal check rather than the size of a company or corporate check. The standard checks used by most companies or corporations are significantly larger than a personal check.

It should also be noted the counterfeit checks will pass through check scanners resulting in an approval code being utilized, he said.

Anyone who receives a check drawn on a company or a corporation that is the size of a personal check should contact the telephone numbers listed on the check to confirm the authenticity of the check before accepting it as payment or cashing it especially if the person presenting the check is unknown to the recipient.

Anyone who encounters one of the counterfeit checks is asked to try to obtain a detailed physical description of the person in possession of the check and notify his or her local law enforcement agency immediately.

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