The Alvarado City Council’s monthly meeting for June started the discussion of a new tourist attraction to the city and a possibility of moving the city limits.

Milbra Long, of Cleburne, presented the council with the idea of constructing a Museum of Glass Made in America to be created in Alvarado.

This museum would be an estimated $50 million project that will showcase all types of glass made in America and would be located just off of Interstate 35W and inside of Alvarado’s city limits.

The museum would be just the second of its kind in America. The other museum is the Corning Glass Museum located in Corning, N.Y.

The Corning Glass Museum averaged 450,000 paid admissions in the 1980s. The number dropped to 270,000 in 2001, but increased to 340,000 last year.

There are three other glass attractions in the nation right now; The Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass 2007 and the William Jefferson Clinton Library and Museum in Little Rock, Ark.

The goals for the museum to be located in Alvarado would be to nurture appreciation for a valuable art form through an aesthetic experience and provide a setting where American glassware may be viewed in context, according to the information provided by Long.

Long’s information also stated that one of the steps to the museum’s success would be to complete a 100,000 square foot sustainable “green” building on five to 10 acres of land.

The council also discussed and considered a joint boundary line with Burleson.

At present, Alvarado and Burleson overlap over a portion Interstate 35W.

The proposed change would create a new city boundary, separating the two at Asher road, currently in Alvarado.

Part of the reason for the proposed change was to keep houses in one city or the other instead of having part of a home in one and the rest in the other.

The council also participated in the symbolic paper shredding to commemorate that paying off of the loan on the Senior and Community Center building.

Members of the 4-B Economic Development Board for the July 2007-09 term were announced.

David Bayless will hold place 1, John Price will take Place 3, Lloyd Adair will work in Place 5 and Clint Davis will hold Place 7 for the next two years.

The committee also passed a new no smoking ordinance for the city. The ordinance is aimed to prevent smoking in businesses and restaurants.

Smoking will still be allowed on the patios of restaurants and smoking rooms in hotels. Businesses and restaurants that already allow smoking will be grandfathered and smoking will still be allowed under current rules.

A loitering ordinance was tabled and will be discussed at the next meeting.

In other business, the council approved

A resolution to allow citizens to pay their water bills with credit cards A resolution suspending the July 30, 2007, effective date of the proposal by Atmos Energy Corp. A preliminary plat of Tract 16 of the John Dixon survey, located in the 1100 block of Highway 67W A preliminary plat of Tract 24 of the James Lee survey, located at 4632 South Interstate 35W