Red Oak City Council members met last week, naming David Hall of Fairview as the city’s new public works director.

Hall, who began his new position on Oct. 29, has eight years of supervisory experience in public works and more than 13 years experience in the public works field with various municipalities.

Council members also voted to name Councilman Eric Smith as the new mayor pro tem.

“This is a fairly easy decision for me because, honestly, I can’t make a wrong choice when it comes to him,” Mayor Alan Hugley said, noting the position is a one-year term.

Councilman Ben Goodwyn moved to approve Smith as the new mayor pro tem with Councilman Casey Hargrove seconding the motion.

In other business, the council discussed possible actions regarding priorities for chip and seal road improvements.

“I think we need to show some actions on the road issues because it’s time to show the people that we can get something done,” Goodwyn said, with Smith agreeing.

“I feel that the city of Red Oak needs to just fix these roads because I’m tired of the chip and seal,” Smith said. “We need to get in there and get it done so our citizens can see that something is being done to correct this problem. We’ve sat on these issues long enough and something needs to be done.”

City Manager Scott Albert said road issues are at the top of the to-do list.

“We know that there has to be immediate solutions to correct this problem and our immediate goal is to develop a long-term plan that focuses on it,” Albert said. “There was not a road discussed tonight that hasn’t been discussed among myself, the city engineer and the new public works director. Between David, Gina and I, the council can rest assured that we will get it done. We’re on top of it, we just need to develop a game plan.”

Actions toward the road improvements will be discussed during the Dec. 10 meeting.

The council also discussed possible action regarding a contract for preparing and submitting the Phase II notice of intent and Stormwater Management Program, with city engineer Gina Garcia recommending Civil Associate Inc., an environmental engineering consultant.

Civil Associate Inc. will prepare the NOI, which is a form provided by Texas Commission on Environment Quality. The NOI must be completed by Feb. 11.

According to a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality document, small municipal separate storm sewer systems located in Texas may discharge directly to surface water in the state only according to monitoring requirements and other conditions set forth in this general permit, as well as TCEQ rules, state laws and other orders by the state agency.

“The entire city needs to have a plan that we will implement over the next five years to manage stormwater concerning rains and erosion,” Garcia said. “The plan in place must meet all the requirements of the TCEQ.”

After discussing and hearing Garcia’s recommendation, the board unanimously approved Civil Associate Inc. to take on the duty.

The council also approved a text change amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to permit a permanent cosmetics studio in a commercial-2 (C-2) zoning district with a special use permit and providing a definition.

Several items on the agenda were moved for more discussion to the Dec. 10 meeting.

Council meetings are held at 7 p.m. the second Monday of every month at Red Oak Municipal Center.

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