The constables of Ellis County are announcing a new program directed at addressing problematic traffic related offenses within Ellis County.

The constables from each precinct in Ellis County are combining resources to create the Constables Traffic Task Force, according to a press release issued Friday by the four Ellis County constables.

This combined effort will target problem related areas anywhere within Ellis County where citizens complain of traffic related issues, the release stated.

This new task force will saturate the problem areas with patrols of constables from each of the county’s four precincts on an “as needed” and “as available” basis until the problem(s) are corrected.

The objective of the Constables Traffic Task Force is to limit the amount of unsafe traffic related offenses that occur in large numbers anywhere throughout the county.

The task force is looking to curtail gross traffic related offenses in “hot spots” where a great number of drivers are ignoring traffic laws such as running stop signs, speeding, racing, etc.

Several objective areas for the Constables Traffic Task Force will be higher danger areas including school zones, residential areas, road construction zones, etc., according to the release.

To report a severe problem area, concerned citizens are being asked to visit the Ellis County Constable’s Web site online at where they can fill out an on-line traffic enforcement request and learn more about each of the county’s constables. This request will be routed to the proper constable’s precinct where an officer will investigate the reported problem area and determine whether the task force will be needed to patrol this particular area, or if the constable’s department from that precinct can handle the problem area on its own.

“The constables from each precinct in Ellis County want you to know that we are committed to helping provide safe roadways for the citizens in Ellis County. If this program proves successful, the constables will consider combining precinct efforts to address other specific problems in the future,” the release states.

The four Ellis County constables are:

Constable Ben Fry, Precinct 1, Constable Terry Nay, Precinct 2, Constable Jimmy Ray, Precinct 3, Constable Steve McKinney, Precinct 4