Alvarado high school sent the class of 2007 on to the next stage of their lives at their commencement ceremony at Wilkerson-Greines Activity Center in Fort Worth last Thursday evening.

“They are just an awesome group of students,” principal Kenneth Estes said about this year’s graduates. “Those that were here to witness it saw that they are very well-spoken, they have achieved a lot of different honors and they are a classy group of students.”

The ceremony began with the procession of the students and faculty to the sound of “Pomp and Circumstance,” performed by the Golden Warrior band.

Salutatorian Shane Garrett and valedictorian Jessica Woodard presented their speeches to encourage their peers to keep working hard in the next stages of their lives.

Estes then recognized students who received special awards and presented the students for graduation.

After the students received their diplomas, the graduates were prompted by Callie Yawn to move their tassels.

The senior cheerleaders and the band then led the rest of the class in the schools alma mater.

The graduates then participated in one of the school’s traditions, gathering together in a large group hug during the playing of the senior class’s song, which was “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts.

Estes said the ceremony went on with no major problems.

“When you have something of this magnitude there are going to be mistakes,” Estes said. “There are going to be little things go wrong, but for the most part we are very pleased.”

The students played a big role in the success of the event.

“Its not like we had to be on them about doing things right,” Estes said about the new graduates. “They took care of their business and left Alvarado High School with a lot of class and a lot of grace.”

Estes credited the students’ good behavior to the people who see the young adults outside of school.

“Alvarado is very fortunate because we have a very classy group of parents and family members,” Estes said.

The 204 graduates will now leave many fond memories of Alvarado High School behind to take part in exciting futures.

Some of the students have dreams of becoming massage therapists, baseball players, pediatric surgeons or drama students at a college, and some will be taking their diplomas to the armed forces.

“I am going into the Navy and I am going to experience all the joys of the world,” Dallas Bowles said “But I am so glad that I was able to go through my four years of high school years in Alvarado.

Bowles’ favorite part of living in Alvarado were her fellow citizens of the town.

“It’s a small town, it’s a tight community and they have the people there have given us so much,” Bowles said about her hometown.

The school itself was another thing Bowles liked about the city.

“Our programs and principals let us excel in all the things we want to do,” Bowles said about the high school. “We don’t have that many rules, like metal detectors and things of that matter like Dallas schools do.”

Another student will be entering the military to continue his family’s legacy of military service.

“My great-grandfather, a couple of great-uncles and my dad have all served so I thought it was my turn,” said Tanner McCool, who aspires to become a combat engineer.

While the students will all be going in different directions, all of them can agree on one thing about their future and newly graduated Mike Debaun said it as well as anyone.

“I’m ready to “Get-R-Done,”” Debaun said.