The city of Waxahachie will be changing the look of its street signs as part of a new state requirement.

The new requirement changes the sign color to a reflective green and standardizes the font, font size and sign size. Only the first letter of the street name will be capitalized.

“All these changes came with a deadline, so we have to replace all of our street name signs by 2018. Normally we do have a budget to replace street-name signs, which is usually $12,000 a year,” community relations director Amy Hollywood said. “With the new recommendations, that is going to about double that.”

The new guidelines are contained in the Texas Manual of Uniformed Traffic Control Devices, which governs the configuration for all signs placed in any right of way in the state. Under the new requirement, the signs will be 12 inches by 30 inches.

The new signs are being made at the street department and are being replaced as the old signs break or fade. Along with the standard street signs, the signs located in the historic district will have to be replaced.

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