Solid waste and recycling services will continue on with the city of Waxahachie’s current provider, IESI.

The city council approved a motion to reject bids submitted by Allied Republic, Waste Management and Community Wide Disposal and extend the current terms of the contract with IESI for 10 years.

“The city of Waxahachie was very fortunate. We had four companies bid on this contract. I can sit here and honestly say that I would be glad to recommend any of these companies for this contract if they were one that I felt in my opinion the best for the city. There are a lot of different things that you have to look at and that is what our staff did in our committee,” director of environment health Sonny Wilson said.

“We tried to break it down and look at everything in those bids and we tried to see what was best for the overall population for our city. That includes our residents, our businesses and our industries,” Wilson said. “It was not a question of these companies having the manpower or the equipment to do the job. What we had to do was to decide which one of these companies fit the needs for our city. That is what we tried to do.”

Wilson said he had director of finance Charles Harris look over the bids that were submitted to see which was the best for the city from both financial and service standpoints. Harris’ recommendation to Wilson was to present IESI to the council for approval.

In other business, the council approved amending ordinance section 15-32 concerning offensive conditions for health and sanitation. Areas that were clarified were items such as high grass and areas where mosquitoes breed, with a main focus on outdoor storage. The amended section addressed the storage of junk merchandise, commodities and any other item not stored inside an enclosed building. 

The council also approved amending ordinance section 17-51 that pertained to junk vehicles.

“Junk vehicles are a problem everywhere. Our definition is pretty much taken from the state code under junk vehicles. At one time we amended the ordinance that a vehicle can be tarped. As long as it was tarped it was not considered to be a junked vehicle,” Wilson said.

“Since we did that, there have been a lot of cases where there have been a lot of complaints about someone who has a wrecked car, a junked vehicle by definition, and they place a tarp over it to cover it up. It is hard for code enforcement to act on it because it is covered. So what we tried to do is address that,” he said, saying the amended ordinance notes that a vehicle has to be screened from ordinary public view by appropriate means. What this means is that the junk vehicle has to behind a solid fence at least 6 feet in height or behind gradually growing trees or shrubs. A vehicle is not considered to be a junked vehicle when stored outdoors if it is operable, has a current registration, has a current safety inspection, is parked legally on an improved surface and, if covered, must be a cover specifically designed for a vehicle. Square or rectangular tarps are prohibited to be used as covers.

The council approved a contract proposal for professional service from Alan Plummer Associates. This contract would assist city staff in the renewal process of the Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems permit for the wastewater treatment plant. The contract in the proposal is not to exceed $23,750.

Director of planning Clyde Melick presented a report about the roadway impact fee abatement program. During the months of November, December and January there were 29 single permits issued in the city, according to the report, which indicates roadway impact fees that were abated totaled $49,240. The values of the homes totaled $4,911,193, which had a total estimated taxable value of $33,395. Since the beginning of the program, when the ordinance was passed in August, roadway impact fees have been abated total more than $96,000.

• A report from Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson LLP on delinquent tax collection from the period of Oct. 1, 2008, through Sept. 20, 2010, and delinquent fees and fines for the period of October 2007 through the present was given.

• The council approved a proposal for wholesale water rate analysis.

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