The City of Ennis released its monthly report for the period of Oct. 30, 2007 - Nov. 26, 2007 and has outlined the progress made in all departments. The report is an update on projects going on within the city and details the efforts made by each department.

Details of the report include:

In the street department reported 49 tons of asphalt was used to patch various streets and streets were swept as weather permitted. A sheet metal fence was constructed at the public works yard and a concrete pad was poured for sweeper debris at the yard on S. Kaufman Street. The group also cleaned rain gutters and washed/sealed rock and brick on the outside walls of the library and hung wreaths in the downtown area to coincide with the annual Christmas parade. Service maintenance was made on all equipment and 3,350 feet of right-of-way area was mowed at four locations. City Manager Steve Howerton also updated the commission on the progress of the Ensign Road project.

“The northern detour lane is built allowing the road to stay open as the rest of the area is widened and sewer improvements are installed. We are making great progress on the project and all utilities are in except one gas line,” Howerton said.

In the utility department, 28 small water line repairs were made and 20 water meters were replaced. A total of 35 hydrants were flushed and 78 calls were answered for service of the sewer cleaning truck. For billing purposes, 5,544 meters were read.

In the inspection department, one building permit was issued and 74 building inspections were made. Seven building repair permits were issued and 250 work in progress inspections were made. The department staff attended 211 meetings and handled 148 e-mails. A total of 15 sets of building plans for code compliance were received and 21 right -of-way inspections were completed.

In the health department, one food establishment permit was issued, six restaurant inspections were completed and 61 environmental inspections. A total of 159 animal complaints were received with 52 animals being held by animal control officers. Twenty dead animals were recovered and four animal complaints were filed in municipal court.

In the library department, 18 programs were presented with 175 people in attendance. A total of 636 references questions were fielded, 130 new library cards were issued, 6,856 visits were made to the library and 6,924 items were circulated.

The tourism department received 145 visitors and answered 248 inquiries with 101 visitors e-mails answered and press released were sent to area newspapers and radio stations regarding seasonal activities. The team updated information on the Ennis CVB Web site as well as submitted events for the Wal-Mart community service monitors.

The police department investigated nine burglaries, 43 incidents of theft, 22 assaults, 50 criminal mischief cases, two incidents of forgery, four unauthorized use of a motor vehicle incidents, five controlled substance incidents, two DWI's, three robberies, one sexual assault and 84 other assorted offenses.

In total, officers answered 778 calls, traveled 18,674 miles, issued 306 traffic citations, provided 45 escorts and worked 56 motor vehicle accidents.

In the fire department, employees responded to 50 fire calls and 12 ambulance calls. They also provided about 200 hours of accredited training within the department.

In the personnel department, 27 applications were submitted for positions within the city resulting in 11 interviews. Two positions were filled.

In the parks and recreation department, the Lions park pavilion was painted as well as areas of Bluebonnet pavilion and other structures also, graffiti was cleaned from sidewalks and the pavilion at Lions park. The downtown area was prepared and cleaned for the annual Halloween festival and Christmas lights were replaced. Private lots were mowed that were designated as fire hazards by the fire marshal, turn of the century lights were repaired as needed and banners were repaired or replaced in the downtown area. The parks were cleaned up twice weekly and the downtown area as well as Bluebonnet Park were cleaned daily.

In the equipment services department, 58 repair work orders were completed and 33 pieces of equipment received preventative maintenance.

In the sanitation department, all sanitation routes scheduled were completed, 84 trips to the landfill were made with 2,100 cubic yards of refuse being disposed of. A total of 30 special pick ups were completed and 16 dumpster accounts were serviced. The optional recycling program collected 733 bags of recyclable material from 200 households.

A more detailed copy of the monthly report may be obtained at City Hall, 115 W. Brown Street.