Kidsville News is being favorably received by Ellis County, with Waxahachie Newspapers Inc. Vice President and Publisher Ray Pike reporting 4,329 copies have already been requested by Ellis County elementary schools.

Waxahachie Newspapers, Inc. will begin publishing Kidsville News in October, a 24-page, full-color monthly newspaper that will be made available to all kindergarten through fifth-grade students in Ellis County.

“Kidsville News will be different than any type of publication WNI now produces,” said Ray Pike, WNI vice president and publisher.

Kidsville News is a nationally produced educational newspaper developed by Kidsville News, Inc. of Fayetteville, N.C., currently licensed in 73 markets in 24 states and distributed to 850,000 children.

The content has been developed by KNI and includes stories, puzzles and games developed for elementary school students to improve skills and comprehension in geography, animals (science), math and reading.

“More importantly, we believe Kidsville News will provide a fun educational tool to enhance literacy for every grade school student in Ellis County,” Pike said.

Kidsville News will also have its own mascot, Truman, a 6-feet tall friendly dragon that will be making appearances in classrooms, business openings, libraries, parades and anywhere else Truman will find an opportunity to interact with children.

On Monday, Kidsville News mascot Truman visited with Waxahachie Mayor Joe Jenkins and City Manager Paul Stevens to express his appreciation for the city’s sponsorship of the educational newspaper for youngsters.

The city of Waxahachie is the first sponsor of Kidsville News.

While the monthly newspaper will be made available free of charge to the schools and students requesting it, the publication is a business venture with production expenses involved.

“We are providing an opportunity for other businesses, organizations and groups in the community to assist us in sponsoring this tremendous tool for our elementary schools, teachers and students,” Pike said, adding that participating sponsors will be recognized in each edition.

“We look forward to being a part of this fine program,” Stevens said. “Kidsville News is such a great way to not only entertain school students, but to keep them informed about what’s going on in the community and the world. I am glad to be a part of that.”

To date, elementary schools in Ennis, Midlothian, Milford, Palmer and Waxahachie have requested copies for students.

Educators interested in learning more about Kidsville News, or to request copies for your elementary school campus, may contact Ray Pike at (972) 937-3310 or by e-mail at

Businesses, organizations and groups interested in becoming Kidsville News sponsors are also requested to contact Pike at the number above.