The Same Difference Youth Group of Central Presbyterian Church has issued a missing persons report for a herd of gnomes.

Yes, a herd of gnomes. As a fundraiser the youth group places about 40 gnomes in the front yard of some unsuspecting family. The gnomes stay there for a week until a ransom is paid and they are moved to another, equally excited family’s yard.

While they were visiting a yard on Clark Lane recently the gnomes evidently made a break for it. They have been missing ever since. This is the only fundraiser for the Same Difference group so it has thrown a monkey wrench into their activities.

As you know, gnomes can be unpredictable so if you see them it would be better to call Daniel Fields, youth director at Central Presbyterian, at the church number 972-937-2924.

A reward of the undying gratitude of the Same Difference Youth Group is offered for the safe return of their 40 gnomes.

For more information about Central Presbyterian Church, visit the website at or call the church office at 972-937-2924.

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• Maintain active Christian education, youth fellowship and worship services.

• Continue our choirs, bell choirs, organ and music programs to support our worship and to provide community concerts through the Central Arts program.

• Improve our Christian education programs and emphasize kindergarten through 12th grade participation in classes and youth activities.

• Additional parking and fellowship facilities are a near term goal.