The Ennis Memorial Cemetery is undergoing some much needed repairs as EMC association members work toward the clean up and restoration of the cemetery. The land, located just behind the football stadium at the junior high, has been in need or repairs for some time but funds to allow the work to be completed had to be raised.

Association members set about to raise the money needed to help their cause and held a number of fund-raisers including a pancake breakfast and a BBQ sandwich lunch to collect the funds.

“We have been blessed by so many people in the community that have supported our fund-raisers or that have donated money to help our efforts that we feel the improvements made to the cemetery have definitely been a community effort,” said Shirley Watson, cemetery association secretary.

The first of many improvements to be made to the area is the building up of the roadway leading into and around the property. The association was able to hire a local company to come in and fill some of the major ruts and holes in the roadway and smooth out a path for cars.

“We finally got some materials hauled in to build the road up and it is looking good. The road toward the west side of the cemetery has been made wider so people could have a spot to turn around in but we are not completely through with the improvements,” Edgar Carr said.

Carr has been overseeing the work on the roadway in the cemetery and feels it was a good place to start.

“The road definitely needed some major attention and I think the rest of what we do will only be easier because of dealing with the road conditions right now. The people we hired to take care of it have done a great job and I appreciate their efforts as well as Chris Payne who has also been involved with this project,” Carr said.

Having the road way accessible is a project that the association has been working on for the last year and one that many feel is of the utmost importance.

“It has been difficult or almost impossible for families to hold funeral processions in the cemetery because of the road conditions and we wanted people to be able to pay their respects to their loved ones without having to tear their cars up trying to get in there. We know that some people that have a hard time getting around haven't been able to come out to the cemetery because they couldn't drive through it and that is an important to families in the community so we are happy we can get the work taken care of for them,” Watson said.

The association has also been able to hire a local company to come in and mow the grass that has become overgrown and clean the area of debris. The process is something association members is hoping will make the next time easier and expedite the revitalization process.

“We have been working on getting the cemetery mowed and keeping the grass from getting that high again. It will be an easier process to maintain now that the grass has been taken care of. We plan to keep it cut and looking more like a lawn rather than an abandoned field,” Carr said.

The association members plan to keep working toward upgrading the cemetery and keeping it accessible but they are asking for the help of community with family members buried in the cemetery.

“I think that people who have family buried in the cemetery should want to help us clean the place up to help honor their loved ones. We are asking for donations of time and talent to help with those efforts or monetary donations if they can't help out,” Watson said.

To contribute to the cemetery association or for information regarding the clean up, letters can be mailed to the Ennis Memorial Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 8966, Ennis, Texas 75119. All inquiries may be directed toward association president Samuel Anderson.