Earlier this month General Motors informed Carlisle, the Waxahachie-based dealership that has been in continuous affiliation with GM longer than any Chevrolet dealership in the state of Texas, that it would not renew its franchise agreement as part of the automaker’s restructuring plan.

As part of the company’s updated Viability Plan, GM on May 15 informed approximately 1,100 dealership owners it would be  reducing its dealer network from its current 5,969 stores to 3,600 by the end of 2010.

In the letter to affected dealerships, General Motors left a window of opportunity in which the dealer (and community) could provide information that may be used by GM to reconsider their decision to terminate the franchise agreement.

In the case of Carlisle Cadillac-Chevrolet franchise, we strongly make a plea to General Motors to reconsider and retain its long-standing relationship with the Waxahachie-based franchise.

Without question, the Carlisle dealership and Blankenbeckler family have played an integral role in the positive development of our community during the past seven decades.

The franchise is on solid financial ground, perhaps one of the most financially sound franchises in the company’s dealership network.

Above all, year after year, decade after decade, Carlisle has built its business (while strengthening GM’s reputation) on outstanding customer service. Whether purchasing a new vehicle or having it serviced after the sale, Carlisle has an outstanding reputation for service — attributes General Motors desperately need in its efforts to regain financial solvency.

The Waxahachie Daily Light joins the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce in urging General Motors to reconsider its decision on terminating the franchise agreement with Carlisle Cadillac-Chevrolet.

While we understand the need for drastic cuts during this difficult financial period in the company’s history, dealerships like Carlisle are what helped make GM the largest automaker in the U.S. — not contribute to its current situation.

We encourage members of the community to join us sharing their concerns by writing letters in support of Carlisle. Letters may be sent to:

Frederick Henderson

Chief Executive Officer, President

General Motors Corporation

300 Renaissance Center

Detroit, MI 48265-3000