Running a successful business, having a family and being very active in the community would be enough to keep some people busy.

But for Jess and Brenda Haupt, they are up for a new challenge.

The duo has started a new venture, a coffee roasting business called Buna Bean that they plan to launch in the next several weeks. The opportunity came about as a hobby that turned into what they hope is another successful business.

“I started out helping my father with his business, Globe Products and then bought it from him. Brenda and I have put a lot of work into this venture and are happy with what we have built and have no intention of ever giving that up. The coffee business is a second venture that we have become interested in but want to keep small and personal,” Jess Haupt said.

Haupt is known throughout the community for his penchant for gourmet cooking and just recently auctioned off an evening that included a gourmet meal at the annual Lights of Ennis fund-raiser.

“I have always been interested in gourmet foods and preparation, so the coffee roasting came as a natural sideline that has branched out into something I'd like to try. It is an interest of mine that I hope to share with the community and on a broader scope, customers that go to our Web site,” he said.

After getting some advice from friends that have knowledge of the business and taking some classes, both Brenda and Jess are ready to take on the responsibility of starting a new business and dealing with the growing pains.

“We are starting slow and involving the whole family. Once we get the shop built and the roaster in place we will all be spending a lot of time in there, Brenda said with a laugh.

One aspect of the business that Brenda is very happy with is that she will be able to get more than enough of the substance she admittedly is addicted to - caffeine.

“The different types of coffee we will offer is beyond anything the average person has at home in their kitchen and a special treat for coffee lovers like me,” she said.

The Haupts plan to market such diverse blends of coffee including: Columbian Supremo, Ethiopian Harrar, Mexican Altura, Guatemalan Huehuetenango, Indonesian Sumatra, Columbian decaf, Kenya AA, Brazilian, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Panama Boquette.

The blends that will be offered will be available from the business Web site and will be personally hand-roasted by the Haupts, which is a personal touch they hope their customers will appreciate.

“I plan to personally be part of the process while the beans are being roasted because it really is a trial and error process to know how much one type of bean needs to be roasted as opposed to another. I want to learn more about the business and the only way to do that is by being involved. I hope that whoever tries our coffee knows that a lot of care and hands on attention went into every cup,” Jess said.

Once the building is completed and the roaster has been put in place and given a test run, the Haupts plan to hold a community open house to share their product with the people that they are thankful to for supporting them so far. More information is also expected to be available on their Web site, in the upcoming weeks.