In accordance with House Bill 1, the Alvarado ISD board of trustees has approved an agreement between the school district and the city of Alvarado that will provide for joint elections in May.

The bill, passed during the special session of the 79th Texas Legislature, states that “elections for school board trustees must now be on either: (1) the election date for the members of the governing body of a municipality located in the school district or (2) the general election date for state and county officers.”

The agreement between the school district and the city calls for a joint election May 10 at City Hall.

The agreement does not affect early voting for trustees as it will still take place at the district’s administration building. If either the district or city cancels elections, the election will no longer be valid and the entity still holding elections will do so at its regular polling place.

The district had the option of joining with the county, but, to do that, it would have had to hold elections in November. For continuity reasons, the district chose to keep the district trustee elections in May.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the city officials and city council as we discussed the terms of the joint election agreement,” director of human resources and election officer Mary Ann Wood said. “I look forward to this joint venture and the convenience it will bring to our common voters on election day.”

The board also discussed construction of the new intermediate school with the builder, Alan Roberts. Roberts said the concrete is 50-60 percent complete and steel will begin arriving in the next two weeks.

Roberts also informed the board that the completion date of the new school has been pushed back to late November.

After a short break, the board went into executive session and conducted the annual evaluation of the superintendent, Dr. Chester Juroska. When the board went back into open session, Michael Percifield made the motion to extend the contract by a year and Ted Dossey seconded the motion, with all members voting in favor.

The extension gives Juroska a three-year contract, ending June 30, 2011.

“I’m pleased with the board’s support,” Juroska said. “The areas noted on the evaluation for me to improve in were fair and accurate. We especially need to further improve TAKS scores and, although we have been working hard in that area, we need to make a valiant effort to ensure that everything that can be done is being done to have the highest scores possible.”

Before the meeting, each campus gave the board gifts in honor of Board Appreciation Month.

The gifts included the junior high band and high school choirs performing in front of a packed boardroom.

“Each January, people take the opportunity to express appreciation for the board members service,” Juroska said. “The members certainly deserve that and more and I am proud to work with the people who made the gestures of appreciation. It shows that they realize how much the board members support them.”

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