AUSTIN, Texas — Though two of state Sen. Brian Birdwell’s key pieces of legislation have already passed the Texas Senate — Voter ID and the Sonogram Bill — the bulk of the session still lies ahead.

Friday was the 60th day of the 82nd Legislature and, beginning Monday, the House and Senate can begin debate on non-emergency items.

Birdwell is involved with 26 different pieces of legislation ranging from the defense of Second Amendment rights to tax reform. Seven of these are local bills.

“My staff and I have worked very hard to ensure that this bill package is the best it can be,” Birdwell said. “I’ve got a great deal of work ahead of me, but it’s for the betterment of Senate District 22 and this great state.”

The senator has authored 11 bills, joint-authored seven and co-authored eight. They are as follows:

SB 14 — Requiring Texans to provide an official form of photo identification in order to vote.

SB 16 — Relating to informed consent to an abortion.

SB 24 — Increasing punishment for offenses involving human trafficking.

SB 99 — Clarifying persons authorized to control the disposition of the remains of certain members of the military.

SB 165 — Relating to zero-based budgeting for state agencies as a part of the Sunset Review process.

SB 202 — Setting up achievement ‘benchmarks’ in fiscal notes and legislative follow-up.

SB 257 — Creation of “Choose Life” license plates with fees going to the general revenue fund.

SB 321 — Protecting an employee’s rights to store a secured firearm in their personal vehicle in an employer’s parking lot.

SB 353 — Clarifying the territory and dissolution requirements of the Southern Trinity Groundwater Conservation District.

SB 354 — To allow the carrying of concealed handguns at public institutions of higher education.

SB 444 — Eliminating the set-aside portion of designated tuition for student financial aid at public universities.

SB 514 — Deleting a subsection of the education code that appears to be a mistake on behalf of Texas State Technical College.

SB 515 — Stating that an individual is not be required to obtain or maintain individual healthcare coverage.

SB 752 — Requiring public universities to post expenditures from tuition, fees and state funds on the internet.

SB 753 — On the authority of certain counties to regulate outdoor lighting near astronomical observation facilities.

SB 754 — Crediting against the access fee for a private dock charged by the Brazos River Authority during a drought.

SB 766 — Protecting shooting ranges from frivolous litigation and certain regulation.

SB 904 — Ensuring that voters living overseas indefinitely may still receive a full ballot, including state and local elections, if they are otherwise eligible to vote in said election.

SB 1628 — Setting a county population requirement for operation of a juvenile justice alternative education program.

SB 1629 — Applicability of provisions concerning bond approval by the TCEQ on certain water entities.

SB 1630 — Affecting the regulation of residential appliance installation under the Texas Electrical Safety & Licensing Act.

SB 1631 — Determining the resident status of students by public universities for purposes of in-state tuition.

SB 1632 — Codifying the way hospitals must carry out do-not-resuscitate orders and advance directives.

SCR 14 — Affirming Texas’ 10th Amendment rights, serving notice to the federal government to cease and desist from certain mandates and legislation.

SJR 12 — Proposing a constitutional amendment requiring certain tax bills to be approved by 2/3 of the House and Senate.

Birdwell represents Senate District 22, which includes Bosque, Coryell, Ellis, Falls, Hill, Hood, Johnson, Navarro, McLennan and Somervell counties.