Seventeen-year-old Jimi-Carol Nottingham is hosting a walk-a-thon event from 9 a.m.- noon, Saturday, June 16, at Getzendaner Park.

All proceeds will go toward Sheaves for Christ, a fund-raising program of the general youth division of the United Pentecostal Church International geared toward helping troubled and abused kids.

This is a program supported by Cornerstone UPC of Midlothian, where Nottingham is a member and also a part of the church’s youth group, TRUTH—Teens Reaching unto the Heaven.

“Because this is a program that our church strongly supports, my daughter wanted to do something to help raise money for these kids,” said Tobie Nottingham, Jimi-Carol’s mother. “Pretty much anything dealing with kids, she’s involved in it.”

Jimi-Carol coordinated with her sisters, Kathrine and Laura, and organized the event.

“She thought of the idea and got together with her sisters with the support from us (her parents), her grandparents and her pastor,” Tobie said. “She sent invitations out to the different churches in Ennis, DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Duncanville and Waxahachie to get the word out about the event.

“And even though she hasn’t heard any responses from them, she’s still really excited about the other responses she’s received. She even started contacting family and friends to get participation and donations,” she said.

As explained by Tobie, this program also assists Tupelo Children’s Mansion, Lighthouse Ranch for Boys, Spirit of Freedom Ministries and others as well as providing cars and other necessities for foreign missionaries in order for them to spread the gospel into areas that have rough terrain or are far from their homes.

More than $17 million has been given to the Foreign Mission Division to purchase vehicles for missionaries.

“The walk-a-thon is for anyone who wants to walk for three hours or whoever would like to donate,” Tobie said. “My three daughters are the only ones walking now but we’re wanting more people to participate because the more people participate, the more money we could raise.”

Tobie said that even though this is a first-time event, it could very well take place again.

“This is something that has never been done before in raising money for Sheaves for Christ and depending on how well we do, we may do it again,” she said. “We’re just asking for the community’s support and donations toward a very good cause.”

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