Waxahachie businessman Floyd Bates has announced his candidacy for the WISD board of trustees.

“Over the past few years from my last running for a position as a WISD school board trustee, I have continued to have a keen interest in the direction and actions of our school board,” Bates said in making his announcement.  

“Additionally, I have continued to have many inquiries about my seeking a place on the school board;  therefore, I have decided to accept, once again, this opportunity to serve our school district by seeking a seat in the upcoming election as a WISD School Board Trustee.”

Bates and his wife Eldonna  have three children currently attending Waxahachie schools: Conrad, a senior; Caleb, a junior; and Cortlyn , a seventh grader. 

Bates and his family have owned and operated several businesses in Waxahachie, in addition to having a commercial real estate business in Waxahachie and Dallas. 

“After listening and talking with many students, teachers, administrators and board members over the last several years, I feel that I have a good understanding of the issues and challenges we face in our schools today,” Bates said.

“I feel, overall, the board has done a great job in the leadership of our district in the building of three new schools that this city was in desperate need of. I also think, however, that in moving forward, I feel we need to make sound judgments and wise decisions regarding the future of our kids and their education.

“If elected, I look forward to working with and assisting the board and our superintendent in resolving the challenges and issues that face our school board, today and in the future,” he added.