Waxahachie police have made an arrest in an alleged “Peeping Tom” case.

The case was reported May 2, with a juvenile female reporting to police that she saw a man looking under her changing room door at Belk while she was trying on clothing.

Following an investigation into the incident, police arrested Thomas Gordon Brown, 25, of Waxahachie on Wednesday on a class C misdemeanor warrant for disorderly conduct.

Police also have confirmed Brown’s alleged involvement in a November 2006 case reported at Target, which also involved a female. Brown was issued a ticket for class C misdemeanor disorderly conduct relating to that incident.

“He was identified as a suspect in that case and charged. He has now been identified in the second case at Belk,” detective Sgt. Todd Woodruff said. “It’s an identical case in which the suspect was looking into a dressing room stall while a female was inside changing.”

Class C misdemeanors are heard in municipal court. The status of the two cases was not immediately available as of Friday afternoon.

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