The fifth annual Preston Street yard sale was held last weekend with flocks of bargain hunters filling the streets, all looking for the deal of the day.

Event organizers, Jim and Judy Ferguson say they started the sale after attending a similar event in Johnson County.

“We went to Antique Alley and wondered why something like that couldn’t work in Ennis, so we started our own, smaller scale of that event,” Judy said.

While both are held over a weekend, the Preston Street sale isn’t as big as the Fergusons would like it to be.

“We would love to see something like Antique Alley here in Ennis. The sale our street has is very successful and a wonderful way for the neighborhood to get together, we think that could work for the whole city,” she said.

The sale, held in the historic Templeton/McCainless District allows people city wide to post signs directing the traffic from Preston Street to their own sales. The idea of sharing the spotlight doesn’t bother the Fergusons, who see the event as a social gathering as well as a money maker.

“We like that it brings in so many people from around the city. It’s a chance to get out and visit with each other while doing some bargain shopping, it’s the best of both worlds,” Judy said.

The event has quickly become the benchmark for summer and very popular with everyone.

“We have all sorts of people out shopping; it has become a signature sign that the summer has begun and has led to many friendships formed with people we did not know prior to the first sale. We have fun with it and we hope that everyone involved can say the same thing,” she said.

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