Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford was recently appointed chairman of the Cold Case Review Team of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas.

The team was established in 1985 by SAT to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies on unsolved sex crimes, missing persons and homicide cases, including cold cases. Assistance has been provided on more than 300 homicides and numerous sexual assault cases since its inception. The team meets four times each year in Austin. Any law enforcement agency may request assistance and there is no charge to the agency. The team consists of sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, municipal police, Texas Department of Public Safety, DPS crime lab, criminal intelligence service, Texas Rangers and a medical doctor. All members have extensive training and experience in criminal investigations, criminal profiling, behavioral analysis and analysis of violent crimes. This team concept provides an opportunity for a wide variety of input, different perspectives and investigative considerations to officers who request assistance on unsolved cold cases.

“We are fortunate to have a chairman with the experience, expertise and leadership qualities that Sheriff Alford possesses,” SAT executive director Steve Westbrook said.

Any law enforcement agency that has an unsolved cold case may request assistance by contacting Alford or the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas.