January is traditionally the time when school superintendents are evaluated and have contract extensions considered.

Alvarado ISD Superinten-dent, Chester Juroska, met with the board of trustees in executive session at the board’s January meeting for his evaluation. The board deemed it appropriate to extend Juroska’s contract by one year, giving him a contract ending June 30, 2012.

“I was very pleased to receive the board’s support, I never take that for granted,” Juroska said. “It is my duty to earn their confidence every day. They demand the very best education for the children of AISD and hold my feet to the fire.”

Juroska is in his ninth year in Alvarado and plans on being around until the contract expires. Despite being a superintendent for over 20 years, retirement is not something he thinks about.

“Veteran superintendents say that when the time comes, you’ll know,” he said. “My dad worked as a carpenter until he was 70. He’s 95 now and is in relatively good health. I have the genes to work for a few more years, however, the job of superintendent is very stressful and demanding.

“I consider my hours as 24/7 and often work from the early morning until late at night. Without a supportive board, no one can last very long. The physical load a healthy person can stand up to, but the emotional load can be overwhelming.”

Having been in Alvarado for eight years, Juroska has nearly doubled the standard for superintendents.

“I am considered a long timer in this profession, as the average superintendent lasts three or four years in any one district,” he said. “I am in the upper echelon of years in the field with 22. There are maybe a half dozen or less people in the state with more years as a superintendent than me. When I started I was considered a kid – now I am considered old.”

While the days are long and many of his colleagues are several years younger, Juroska is still proud of the work he has done and continues to do in the lives of others.

“The work isn’t just school business,” he said. “Even though I enjoy it, I am expected to participate in many other activities which are community and county based. These activities enhance the lives of children and adults alike. I am proud that I can contribute something to my fellow citizen.”

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