Waxahachie resident Alan Hill vividly remembers the day John F. Kennedy was shot down on the street of Dallas as though it were yesterday.

Hill was a fourth grader in the Sacred Hearts Catholic School near downtown Dallas on the day the 35th President of the United States was assassinated.

On Nov. 22, 1963, Hill along with 30 of his classmates went out to get a glimpse of the President and first lady.

“I was standing no more than four feet from the limousine carrying the President and his wife. I remember the bright pink dress she was wearing and I got a real good look at her,” Hill said, noting that 10 minutes later, the nuns were instructing the children to go ahead and board the buses to go home.

“When we started cheering, the nuns, whom we discovered had been crying, started reprimanding us for being so disrespectful, but we didn’t know what had happened. That’s when we found out that the President had been shot,” Hill said.

Many years later Hill married Cheryl Hicks, whose father Everett was an officer in the Air Force.

Hill found out that his father-in-law, who served as an Officer of Special Investigations (OSI) and was stationed in San Antonio in 1963, had been placed on special assignment to guard President and Mrs. Kennedy who had made a brief visit to San Antonio just one day before traveling to Dallas.

“While my dad was on that special detail in San Antonio that day, a tassel flew off the flag which was on the presidential limousine and he caught it before it hit the ground,” Cheryl said, noting that he kept it until his death in 2000.

“It goes to show you what a small world it is,” said Alan Hill, saying, “I got to see the president in downtown Dallas when I was in the fourth grade just minutes before he was assassinated, and years later, I married a girl whose dad was on a detail to guard him in San Antonio just the day before.”