A new online resource allows residents and visitors to plan out their trip to one the City of Waxahachie’s 18 parks before ever leaving the house.

The new interactive park map, developed by Geographic Information System, also showcases the amenities of the parks system.

GIS analyst Manjul Shrestha stated the map is very user-friendly and quickly connects people to the information they need.

“We have tried to map out every single park the city has. If you look at the map you can see the amenities at the park,” Shrestha said. “On the other side, you see where the park is located on the map. There is a description of the park along with images.”

Shrestha explained each park is plotted on a map with a green pin. After clicking the pin, the user is taken to the location of the park and its detailed description.

The park’s address is also displayed on the map with an embedded Google Map link. After clicking on it, users obtain driving directions to the location. The maps contain images of the amenities located at each park that can be expanded to a larger form.

Waxahachie currently has 18 parks spread out across the city and is continuing to add more. The city took steps to upgrade its existing parks with new features that visitors will enjoy, such as splash pads, walking trails, and new playground equipment.

Approved in the 2016-17 fiscal year budget, the city used funds from the Waxahachie Community Development Corporation to make the renovations possible. New playground equipment has been installed across the city as part of the $1.5 million renovation project.

Amy Borders, City of Waxahachie Director of Communications and Marketing, stated this resource should aid current and new residents, as well as visitors.

“We have a lot of new residents who don’t know where our park amenities are. It is also good for new residents and visitors who want to take advantage of those facilities, as well,” Borders said. “Across the board, we are improving the parks and the quality of life and amenities. We want to make sure that we have the information out there and where people can find these.”

Borders stated the map will be regularly updated to reflect ongoing improvements — such as second phase upgrades at Lee Penn Park on Getzendaner Street.

Parks and Recreation Director John Smith stated the map is a great tool to connect people with information.

“It is exciting to see the City of Waxahachie to go above and beyond,” Smith said. “The residents can go online and will be provided with a lot more information.”

To view the map, residents should visit the city’s website at www.waxahachie.com and select the "Planning Department" tab. On the planning department’s page, choose GIS and Mapping Services and then click on the map titled, "Parks Story Map."

A link will be added to the Parks and Recreations page at a later date.

For additional information about the park system, city staff can be reached at 469-309-4000.