Tyrus Jackson was raised in Waxahachie and has brought his barbering skills to the community he’s called home his whole life. He took over the legacy of the Mane Cuts barbershop about two years ago.

Jackson has been a barber for the past 15 years in surrounding shops of Waxahachie. Since he has been in the business so long, he grasped what it took to start his own shop.

“The goal is to give back to your community and start something for yourself,” Jackson said.

During his childhood, Jackson found himself at the same barbershop watching the barber buzz away, listening to the stories shared. Sitting in the shop now, it has the same atmosphere. People would sit and share about their day while awaiting a first-come, first-serve haircut.

“He even cut my hair a few times, but I always loved how he ran the barbershop. He was strictly barbershop, barbershop even on Christmas, day in and day out,” Jackson recalled.

Jackson recollected telling the barber at a young age that one day he would own this barbershop and take good care of it.

“It was time to get out here, work with people, talk to the people and help people. There are kids out here who sometimes can’t afford a haircut, but I do it anyway because that’s what barbers do,” he emphasized.

He added, “You don’t want to see anyone left behind.”

Jackson shared that didn’t have it all growing up, so he relates to some of his customers. Having that background, it encouraged him, even more, to go back to work in his community.

“This is a landmark for a barbershop. It was the typical place to be if I wanted to come home and cut hair,” Jackson reminisced.

Since he owns his storefront, he has the luxury of staying open as late as he’d like and close whenever is convenient for him as well. He sees this as a perk since he’s able to service his customers who get off work late.

“If they call me and let me know, then I’ll stay here and wait on them,” Jackson assured.

He provides service for anybody with over-curly to straight hair and gentlemen cuts, but he tries to stay away from the women’s cuts. He is limited to any male-style hair, short or long. But his coworker Kashayla Washington, who also grew up in Waxahachie, specializes in braids.

Jackson has three sons and three daughters himself but hopes to inspire the other children who come into his shop to work hard toward their dreams and make an impact back home.

“Follow your dreams and don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t do something,” Jackson preached. “My grandmother always told me before she passed, she said I was smart enough to do anything I wanted to and any goal that I set out to accomplish. If you have dreams, then keep pushing and do what it takes.”

Jackson said he hopes to have left an impact in his community through his availability and convenience. He serves an elderly and young community, along with all ages in between. But, he said it’s common for the young and the old to walk up to the shop for a quick cut.

“Some people they can’t make it to the other side of town to barbershops. This place is walking distance and convenient for a lot of people. A lot of elderly people stay around here. So that’s what makes it different for my business being somewhere else,” Jackson said.

But at the end of the day, Jackson said it’s a balancing act running his own barbershop. Even though he has nearly two decades of practice under his belt, he plans to improve his skills and his business. He also plans on stepping up his social media game by creating a Facebook page for himself.

“I just like to be humble and stay focused on the business and hope it grows, and try to better myself in the business. You know, learn more of the business as I’m going. It’s not the same as working in a barber as being a barbershop owner. There’s more to it than cutting hair.”

Mane Cuts is located in the strip center on the corner of M.L.K. Jr. Boulevard and N. Getzendaner Street in Waxahachie.


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