Several Waxahachie ISD students recently qualified for the upcoming Technology Student Association state championship contests after their performances in the regional meet.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) students competed Feb. 22—23 in the Technology Student Association (TSA) region one meet.

"Participants enjoy the experience of applying classroom and laboratory lessons in hands-on activities or competitive events," a Waxahachie ISD press release states. "WISD proudly supports these Career and Technical Education students, teachers and organizations."

Students who qualified for TSA state contests will travel to Fort Worth to test their skills against competitors from across the state April 15-17.

Waxahachie High School Students/Teams advancing to State Contest in April are:

● Digital Video Production - WHS Team 1: Adam Sigala, Daniel Skelton, Zakery Boehler, Emmeline Sullivan, Enrique Cortez 1st Place

● On-Demand Video - WHS Team of Adam Sigala, Emmeline Sullivan, Marc Ruan, Isaac Olivera and Daniel Skelton 1st Place

● Structural Design and Engineering - WHS Team of Thomas Caliendo and Cameron Weldon 1st Place

● Technology Problem-Solving - WHS Team 2: Raymond Kennedy and Cameron Weldon 1st Place

● Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Engineering - Joshua Duarte 2nd Place

● Promotional Design - Riley Sample 2nd Place

● Future Technology Teacher - Robert Aden Lonergan 3rd Place

● Video Game Design - WHS Team of Nour Muwaquet and Cameron Weldon 3rd Place

● Also Advancing Dragster Design - Brandon Rodriguez

These WHS TSA students will advance to State in the following Texas-only events:

● Other Material-CNC/CAM-3D Printer/Rapid Prototype-2-5 Parts: Artistic/Other – Joshua Duarte

● 2D Animation with sound-30 seconds - Alesha Murphy-Atkins

● Graphic Solutions-Technology Problem Solving - Thomas Caliendo and Joshua Duarte

● Graphic Solutions-Engineering and Design - Raymond Kennedy, Cameron Weldon, and Brandon Rodriguez

● Graphic Solutions-Promotional Design and Marketing - Riley Sample

● Graphic Solutions-Biotechnology - Mellina Zavala

Students also represented WHS in the following events:

● Biotechnology Design - Mellina Zavala, Hannah Green, and Bryson Morgan-4th Place

● Children’s Stories - I’layah Willis, Robert Aden Lonergan, and Nour Muwaquet-6th Place

● Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Engineering - Raymond Kennedy-5th Place

● Digital Video Production - WHS Team 2: Libni Lopez and Isaac Olivera-7th Place

● Engineering Design - WHS Team of Brandon Rodriguez, Chris Espinosa, and Jerryme West-4th Place

● Essays on Technology - Mellina Zavala-4th place

● Fashion Design - Cecilia Rodriguez, Nour Muwaquet, Bryson Morgan and I’layah Willis-5th Place

● Music Production - WHS Team of Enrique Cortez Villegas, Itzyana Cardenas, Marc Ruan and Cameron Weldon-5th Place

● Technology Bowl - WHS Team 1: Raymond Kennedy, Joshua Duarte, and Cameron Weldon; WHS Team 2: Brandon Rodriguez, Chris Espinosa, and Thomas Caliendo; WHS Team 3: Jerryme West, Bryson Morgan and Cecilia Rodriguez; WHS Team 4: Marc Ruan, Adam Sigala, and Enrique Cortez Villegas; WHS Team 5: Itzyana Cardenas, Robert Aden Lonergan, and Isaac Olivera; WHS Team 6: Riley Sample, Mellina Zavala, and Libni Lopez

● Technology Problem Solving - WHS Team 1: Brandon Rodriguez and Chris Espinosa, WHS Team 3: Joshua Duarte and Thomas Caliendo-4th Place

Students/Teams from Global High School advancing to State Contest in April are:

● 3D Animation – Dallin Clarke, Evan Taylor, Maribel Castaneda, Trevor Burns 1st Place

● Chapter Team – Megan Dexter, Michael Deleon, Omri Reown, Devante Green, Dylan Cross, Benjamin Michael 3rd Place

● Extemporaneous Speech –Justin Ansley 3rd Place

● Fashion Design –Megan Dexter, Angelica Flores, Tianyi Zhou, Isabell Trevino 3rd place

● Music Production – Corbin Forst, Devante Green, Omri Reown, Michael Deleon, Zoe Reown 1st Place

● Music Production –Jonah Taylor 2nd Place

● On-Demand Video –Steven Cloud, Edwin Garcia, Shyam Madhar 2nd Place

● Photographic Technology – Savannah Lewis 2nd Place

● Photographic Technology – Yolanda Thomas 3rd Place

● Prepared Presentation –Yolanda Thomas 3rd Place

● Technology Bowl – Kevin Asirvadam, Justin Ansley, Jonah Taylor 1st Place

● Video Game Design –Cade Howarth, Jack Lapeyrolerie, Jonah Taylor, Seth Wilken 2nd Place

Students also represented Global High School in the following events:

● Coding – Chiadika Obinwa, Kevin Asirvadam

● Coding – Ben Michael, Steven Cloud, Nicki Asirvadam

● Coding – Kaiba Murphy

● Debating Technological Issues – Chiadika Obinwa, Steven Cloud

● Debating Technological Issues – Justin Ansley, Kevin Asirvadam

● Essays on Technology – Blanca Perez

● Extemporaneous Speech – Yolanda Thomas

● Extemporaneous Speech – Nicki Asirvadam

● On Demand Video – Evalina Ramirez, Jillian Taylor, Yolanda Thomas

● On-Demand Video – Omri Reown, Michael Deleon, Corbin Forst, Devante Green, Nicki Asirvadam

● Photographic Technology – Michael Deleon

● Technology Bowl – Steven Cloud, Benjamin Michael, Nicki Asirvadam

● Technology Bowl – Blanca Perez, Tianyi Zhou, Yolanda Thomas

● Technology Problem Solving – Dylan Cross, Benjamin Michael