“Therefore let anyone who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” – 1 Cor. 10:12

Bad behavior always requires penance. May be immediate, may take a lifetime, but everything we do has a consequence. God makes it clear and life confirms it. God tells us ahead of time so we can live right and thereby avoid such consequences. Life tells us by the consequences when we don’t. Just look around. Whether it’s the thunderous crash of moral decadence in the entertainment world or the house of cards beginning to crumble at a frantic pace in the land of American politics, that penance is occurring … in plain view, in real time.

Man’s sinful nature has existed since Adam and Eve, but the unbound acceptance of most imaginable sin has evolved ever since. What was unthinkable in society even a decade ago is now commonplace. What was once banned from broadcast and cable television is now available on most channels. Introduced by what still is a young digital age, the immorality on demand accessible to anyone today was just 25 years ago nearly unheard of and mostly inaccessible. We’ve all watched societal boundaries disappear and, as a result, the world become a dangerous, volatile, fragile free-for-all.

Most of us are likely aware by now of the rather recent, spectacular revelations regarding the illicit, explicit behaviors of senators, congressmen, actors, athletes and news folks, to name to a few. For those who aren’t, here’s a sample of what’s dominating the national news these days:

Sitting Unites States Senators and Congressmen who have sexually harassed female subordinates and colleagues scrambling like cockroaches under the bright lights of each new discovery. The number of said harassers is increasing and it’s time they go away … for good.

A taxpayer funded pot of gold used to pay for the defense of these guys is an American travesty. Imagine the scheme – the citizens of this country are being forced to pay for fancy lawyers to negotiate sums of money paid to the victims of dishonorable behavior of dishonorable men. Making matters worse, almost unbelievable, is the disclosure that subsequent judgements are kept hidden by sealed agreements. In other words, we pay for genuinely bad people to get away with committing inexcusable acts of sexual harassment, but are denied the right to know what happened. Unethical doesn’t begin to define the nature of what once honorable, admirable houses of congress have become. It’s time to eliminate the fund, reveal the perps and tell the American taxpayer the truth.

TV personalities and actors once thought of highly enough to be welcomed into homes across the country being outed as sexual predators, perverts and pathological liars. From Matt Lauer to Kevin Spacey, these men represent the tip of the iceberg. More are sure to be exposed in the weeks ahead.

Media outlet executives quick to sensationalize the indecency of anyone they believe will drive ratings even as the same sorry behaviors permeate their own organizations. To suggest these executives have somehow been in the dark and unaware of such abhorrent conduct is to further validate the notion that a fish rots from the head down. Every one of these cowards is complicit in destroying lives and, like those who’ve gotten away with the abuse, should be sent packing.

Disrespectful athletes using the nation’s anthem to protest are the very reasons the NFL is failing in all measurable aspects of the league. And the guy at the top is making $40 million a year to dismantle it by mismanagement and politics. It’s football for God’s sake, not a political movement. I’m with Jerry J. on this one.

The modern day city of Sodom and Gomorrah known as Hollywood beginning to feel the same kind of rage God had for the ancient city He eventually destroyed. Harvey Weinstein and, pardon the pun, the cast of lowlifes now starring in this epic meltdown are but a symptom of what is a Sodom and Gomorrah culture. I say wipe it away and take with it every piece of filth and immorality contained therein.

Even in our own backyard is the news of Joe Barton and his sordid escapades. Barton hasn’t been accused of sexual harassment like those above and we should understand that. Frankly, what the congressman does in his personal life is his to own just like the rest of us own what we do. From the looks of it, Barton is one half of a saga or two that only bitterness and hate would compel someone to tell the world about. Even so, it’s not my place or yours to judge either half, but what is valid is the notion that Barton has been part of a culture infested with awful behaviors for a long time. The implicit acceptance of such behaviors begins to numb the need to consistently be of high character, act with impeccable integrity and the perpetual discipline to be wise … especially as an elected public official. Joe Barton should know better than to expose himself, pardon pun number two, by behaviors unbecoming a Christian, a dad and a United States Congressman. Failure to do so results in what we’ve all just learned.

These are watershed moments in America. Just as elastic stretched too far will fray and unravel, so goes the culture in this country. In the fray is found deep-seeded sin and abomination – the very things that separate us from God. In the unraveling can be found ruined lives and destroyed legacies. As such, we shouldn’t be surprised to watch as that which infected a city of old - a city God finally wiped from the face of the earth – further infect the most blessed country in the world, America. A return to God is the only cure.

And it’s high time we understand that.