To the Editor,

And now we have more. We already kill more of our fellow citizens than by war with foreign powers. Or by terrorists attacks. And it is not by accident. It is done on purpose. By us. Against us. And who is to blame? Me. You. Everybody. No one is innocent and everyone has blood on their hands. And no one is forgiven or absolved. For this is the state of our society. Deadly violence is what it means to be an American. And that is how we are seen.

We clamor in the aftermath of these acts of national identity for more laws against that or for this. We blame this group or that person for allowing this to happen. Yet we are fools in doing so. For any solution does not exist beyond us. Only within.

Until we have the courage to accept responsibility in creating a society where it can happen, it will happen again. Until we stop using any incident to defame, to condemn the actions of another as our primary mode of interaction, it will happen again. Until we as a nation decide enough is enough and it becomes a matter of national survival, a point where the desire to live in a civil and peaceful society becomes greater than the cannibalistic one we have now, it will happen again.But will never stop if we wait until of us are on the same page, but until we act individually.

No one should be so naive to believe that the ultimate responsibility for the deaths in Las Vegas belong to anyone but the one behind the trigger. No one should be so naive that one single person can prevent a similar act from occurring. It will take us. Not in our lifetimes or even in our children's. Maybe our grandchildren will start to see the growth from the ground we till and the seeds we plant today. Just maybe.

No we should not expect things to get better if we all hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Or arm ourselves to the teeth to survive any attack. But, if we use our next opportunity to improve our relationship with a fellow citizen in whatever capacity for the betterment of us all, we might become something better than we presently are. It can happen if we want it bad enough.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie