To the Editor,

Ellis County Commissioner Layne Grayson cast a vote in this budget year 2017 to not give a 3% raise to elected employees of Ellis County. In budget year 2015 he did the same thing. Fortunately for these employees in both years his vote failed and the majority of commissioners voted for the 3% raise. In budget year 2015, Grayson took the raise and made a charitable contribution having a photo op of him and his wife making this contribution. I'm sure these employees enjoyed the photo op but certainly enjoyed their raise a lot more. This appears to be an oxymoron, giving something away you were against followed by a photo op. If there is a photo op based on the 2017 vote, seems members of the current court (all but Grayson) should be in the photo op since they voted to give the raise. Will there be another photo op of Grayson and his wife in the near future based on his 2017 vote?

Maybe Grayson needs to sign an affidavit declining his raise. Some might consider it hypocrisy to vote against the raise and then take it.

Commissioner Grayson, in my opinion you should be ashamed voting against a 3% salary increase for county employees and turning it into what I believe was a self-serving political photo op. For the record, I live in Commissioner Grayson's district.

James Parks, Waxahachie